15 (un)Crafty Secrets for Throwing a Monsters University Sleepover

This post is sponsored by Disney’s Monsters University and Target. To plan your own Monsters U party, visit and makes sure to catch Monsters U — now playing in theaters.

We hosted our first sleepover! My boys are 8 and 6 years old and only this summer began going to sleepovers at their friends’ houses. They immediately wanted to host their own.

As a mom, the thought of doubling the running and jumping and wrestling was looking hairy at first, but we figured it out and now we want to have sleepovers every week of the summer.

But I’m not sure how to top the fun we had at our first one. We threw a Monsters University sleepover!

[iframe src=”″ width=”550″ height=”310″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe]

If you can’t see it, watch the video at

As you can tell from the video, I’m not the most epic “craft activity” mom. I don’t create Pinterest-friendly parties (though, by all means, if you can find something to pin, go for it!). We just, you know, have fun. Let’s call it “live action” fun.

Fortunately for this non-crafty mom, Target made having an entertaining Monsters University party easy. And they make it easy for you, too! Our sleepover guests had an absolute blast (and had no idea they were missing gorgeous watermelons cut out to look like Mike Wazowski). I promise your kids will think you are a party genius.

Click through the slideshow below for 15 secrets on how to do it:

  • You can SO do this! 1 of 16
    15 (un)Crafty Secrets for Throwing your own Monsters University Sleepover!

    Throw your own Monsters University sleepover using these 15 (un)crafty secrets and the goodies available at!


    Enter my #MUScreamStakes below to get a head start!
    And remember to share this post with your (un)crafty friends!

  • Include the kids in the party prep and take them to Target with you! 2 of 16
    Target shopping before our MU party

    I have three kids and, yes, taking them all to the store isn't always at the top of my list. But! We all had so much fun picking out our Monsters University party supplies together at Target. 


    Letting the kids go with me made them feel invested in the party. Suddenly, those Wazowski-green spoons were their Wazowski-green spoons! It was their idea to buy Art-purple plates and a stuffed Art to match!


    We kept everything simple and did our shopping only the night before the sleepover.


    Don't have a Target near you or just really really don't want to make the trip?
    Everything is available at!


    Psst... Buying a MU shower curtain to use as a backdrop for our scare floor wasn't my idea. My 8 year old spotted it and realized its potential! You'll see in a bit just how awesome an idea it was.

  • Let Target do the planning for you! Your Monsters U sleepover Target shopping list: 3 of 16
    Your Monsters U Target shopping list

    Everything we used at our Monsters University party, we bought at Target:


    Food and Drink

    • Monsters University Juicy Juice Pouches (8 Pk)
    • Monsters University Kellogg's Fruit Snacks (10 count per box)
    • Monsters University Kraft Mac ‘N Cheese
    • Sweet treats


    Party Supplies and Decorations


    Toys and Games


     Check out all of Target's Monsters University products!

  • Make your own MU student ID card at the theater! 4 of 16
    Don't forget to take your own Monsters University ID card at the movie theater!

    We couldn't have a Monsters University sleepover without first seeing the movie! Don't forget to make your own Monsters U student ID card! 


    We made ours by taking photos on our phone at the cardboard stand-up right there at the theater. It was the perfect warm up for a long and monster-ous night!

  • Let the kids mob the snack table! 5 of 16
    Monsters University snack table

    After the movie, everyone was super excited so we came back home and I unleashed the kids on the snack table. We filled it with all of our favorite Monsters University treats like special Monsters U Rice Krispies Treats, Monsters University Kellogg's Fruit Snacks, and bowls of Monsters U CHEEZ-IT's. 


    We left the snack table out (and stocked!) all night and yet, miraculously, the kids were still ravenous when it came time for a dinner of Monsters University Kraft Mac ‘N Cheese. I count that as evidence of a successful party!


    Those green and purple containers are from the $1 aisle at Target! You can win them as part of our #MUScreamStakes below.

  • Don’t forget the MU Juicy Juice! 6 of 16
    Monsters University Juicy Juice

    The chorus of "I want Mike!" or "Squishy for me!" echoed throughout the house all night. Who would have thought Juicy Juice would be the biggest hit? Don't underestimate those monster pouches.


    Visit Target's Monsters U coupon page for a coupon for Juicy Juice!

  • Monsters make board games cool again. 7 of 16
    Who's Behind The Door? A monster!

    We saw Casey's kids playing Who's Behind the Door at her Monsters University party and I thought my kids would never go for it. I was so wrong.


    Keep clicking to see it in action. But you already watched the video above, right? Spoiler alert: They loved it!

  • You can knock ’em out with rolling action! 8 of 16
    Roll-a-Scare Toxic Race Play Set

    At the end of the snack table, we set up the Roll-a-Scare Toxic Race Play Set. My 3 year old went for it right away and never stopped playing. You set up your monsters-in-a-ball at the top of the hill, tip them forward and the first to the end pops up into a stand and you win!


    Sure, I could have designed a game, but they played this for hours! Lots of monsters are available, too.

  • Repurpose your favorite Monsters U items! 9 of 16
    Use a Monsters University bed sheet as your tablecloth

    Did you notice what we used for our snack table tablecloth? It's a MU toddler bed sheet! We clipped it in place using Sulley-colored blue clothespins from Target's $1 aisle.


    Look down! You can win those clothespins along with a ton of other frightfully delightful Monsters University goodies in the #MUScreamStakes below!

  • Turn a shower curtain into your own Scare Floor! 10 of 16
    Turn a shower curtain into your own Monsters U scare floor!

    Speaking of repurposing, there's the shower curtain my 8 year old picked out - We turned into the backdrop of what would become our very own Scare Floor! 


    How did we do it? We grabbed a couple of shower curtain hangers from our own shower and hung our MU shower curtain from our existing curtain rod and voila! The backdrop for our Scare Floor! (seriously, have you watched our video, yet?)


    #MUScreamStakes alert: You can win that very Monsters University shower curtain in the contest below! All you have to do is comment and the prize pack is yours. Now this is getting exciting. You are so close to your own party!

  • Who’s Behind the Door? Hint: It’s a monster good time. 11 of 16
    Monsters University Who's Behind the Door is a monster good time for all ages!

    Fun for all ages (we had 3- 9 year olds in our group), Who's Behind the Door? may have proven one of the loudest points of the night. I don't need to tell you, that equals a huge success.


    Shhh... yes, that is a very large Mickey Mouse on the floor on the bottom right, used as our favorite pillow. He doesn't mind.

  • Games don’t have to be high-tech to be awesome. 12 of 16
    How do you play Monsters University Who's Behind the Door?

    So how do you play Monsters University Who's Behind the Door? With no batteries required, it will surprise you how engaging the game is for all the kids.


    Once set up, each player is given 16 tokens and handed a card with a monster on it. Place your monster on the door (one side is a Scare Floor, the other a bedroom) so only you can see it. Youngest player goes first and asks a question about the other player's monster behind the door.


    Questions like "Is your monster blue?" and "Does your monster have horns?" are sure winners. For every no or yes, you place tokens over monsters on your side of the board to rule them out. So if, yes, the monster is blue, you place tokens on all non-blue monsters. Eventually, you narrow your choices down enough to guess and first to guess right wins!

  • Not every moment needs to be planned. 13 of 16
    Not every moment of your sleepover needs to be planned.

    After dinner and hours (so far) of playing, we set up the couch as beds, threw a sleeping bag on the floor, and let the boys chill out. 


    Just like toddlers, sometimes kids don't necessarily need to play with each other so much as next to each other. I didn't see a need to eliminate video games from our night, so we let the boys wind down with their favorite apps and games. A little Epic Mickey and Where's My Water? goes a long way to ease into a late bedtime.

  • You really can skip the soda and eliminate little monsters at bedtime. 14 of 16
    Bedtime is hard to come by at a sleepover.

    By the time bedtime crept up, I was grateful that we hadn't introduced any soda to our evening. Sure, juice has sugar, but by switching them to water after dinner, our monstrous crowd was ready to turn in sooner than we expected. (that pouch above was empty... as were I think a dozen strewn around our Scare Floor. man, they loved those.)

  • Your Scare Simulator can be both a Scare Floor and a Laugh Floor! 15 of 16
    Is your Scare Simulator a Scare Floor or a Laugh Floor? Make it both!

    The morning after our first sleepover, the boys rolled off the couch and immediately used our Monsters University shower curtain as the backdrop for their very own Scare Simulator. (pssst- see them in action in the video above)


    After testing out their scaring skills, our Scarers turned into comedians and turned our Scare Floor into a Laugh Floor. Bouncing up and down on their little sister's toddler mattress we brought in from her bedroom, they were screaming with laughter faster than you can say "Wazowski!"


    I would share those videos with you but, well, elementary school boys plus jokes equals lots of references to bodily functions. Sigh. They did have a good time.

  • Easy sleepovers make scary happy parents. 16 of 16
    Happy parents at Monsters University

    Our first sleepover was simple, thanks to Monsters University at Target. We didn't stress over the planning, we kept everything simple, and the kids loved it all. Seriously, something as simple as a shower curtain transformed our family room into a Scare Floor.


    Don't let party planning ruffle your fur! Visit and let Target help you create a scary awesome party, playdate, or sleepover of your own!


• • •

Are you excited to host your own Monsters University sleepover?! Ready for a head start?

It’s a Monsters University ScreamStakes #MUScreamStakes Giveaway from Target!

One winner will scare up a prize pack from Disney and Target worth over $200.00 ARV.

Prize pack includes:

Monsters University Mike Wazowski backpack — $19.99
Sulley Lunch Bag $5.99
Monsters University: The Essential Guide (hardcover) — $12.99
Monsters University Fabric Shower Curtain 70in x 72in — $19.99
See Spot Save Monsters University Dish Collection by Zak $1 each x6 (cups, sandwich case, plates)
Peel and Stick Wall Decals $15.99
3 Wood Clips in Sulley blue — $1 each
Monsters Inc. Blu-Ray/DVD $45.99
Monster’s University Toddler Boys’ Apparel (Shorts in 3T) $10.00
Monsters University Shake & Scare (Art, the purple guy) — $10.99
$50 Target Gift Card

Many of the prize pack items are those you see in the photos in this post. That means I might not be able to fold up the shower curtain exactly the way it was when we bought it. 😉

The fine print:

1. To enter, leave a comment on the post below telling us about your own Monsters University party ideas or your favorite product from!
2. Only 1 entry per person is allowed.
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