15 Ways To Eat Santa

15 Ways To Eat Santa

As we get closer and closer to the holidays, the kids and I get excited about baking Christmas themed goodies. If you can’t wait to dig into some holiday, sugary confections, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the web for some of the best recipes for the holidays. Let us know how yours turn out or which holiday cookies and cakes are your favorite!

  • Pretzel Santa Hats 1 of 15
    Pretzel Santa Hats
    I always love a good mix of sweet and salty. These little santa pretzel hats are just the cutest little things. Here, we might be crossing the line from food recipes to art tutorials. What a tasty treat!

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  • Santa Cupcakes 2 of 15
    Santa Cupcakes
    The use of icing tips here is too precious. Featuring Santa on my cupcakes makes me not want to eat them! These have plenty of icing to keep the kiddos happy and are a ton of fun to make. Enjoy!

    via woman's day
  • Strawberry Santa 3 of 15
    Strawberry Santa
    Anything involving strawberries steals my heart. These jolly little treats are really quick to fix and make quite the impression. Just fill them up and serve them out!

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  • Graham Cracker Santa 4 of 15
    Graham Cracker Santa
    Use a graham cracker and a few tasty toppings to create a holiday mosaic featuring St. Nick himself! Each new bite brings a distinct flavor since there's such a spread of goodies on top.

    via betty crocker
  • Santa Cracker 5 of 15
    Santa Cracker
    And the award for closest resemblance to Kris Kringle goes to: Santa Crackers! These adorable treats will have your head spinning! You don't find a whole lot of savory Christmas munchables, but these sure take the cake on delicious!

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  • Little Cheese Santa 6 of 15
    Little Cheese Santa
    Perhaps the best idea for a cheese plate I've seen yet! A craft this adorable and easy would be a great choice for me and my 2 year old.

    via cute food for kids
  • Golden Santa Bread 7 of 15
    Golden Santa Bread
    This looks like a delicious mid-day snack for me and the kiddos! Such a great looking beard! This is one of those recipes that I'm going to have trouble eating because it looks so wonderful!

    via the food charlatan
  • Grilled Cheese Santa 8 of 15
    Grilled Cheese Santa
    Got the noon-time cannibal munchies? How about a grilled cheese St. Nick? This adorable dish would send my kids doing backflips. The use of strawberries for the hat is such a delicious idea, too!

    via sugar and spice
  • Santa Pancakes 9 of 15
    Santa Pancakes
    Time to get those creative juices flowing, because this one is a bit of a challenge. Santa pancakes will look awesome as a Christmas breakfast or as a Monday morning cheer-me-up!

    via jenni price pancake art
  • Santa Party Mix 10 of 15
    Santa Party Mix
    Who loves trail mix? Pretty much everyone. And adding Santa hats to the mix makes for even happier tummies! The marshmallow tops are my favorite part. Enjoy a white chocolate treat this year, I know I will!

    via be different act normal
  • Santa Nutter Butter Suckers 11 of 15
    Santa Nutter Butter Suckers
    Not only does this recipe rhyme, it tastes wonderful. You can make just about anything look like Santa, but these are just downright adorable. They're super affordable as well.

    via i'm a mom not a professional
  • Santa Oreo Pop 12 of 15
    Santa Oreo Pop
    Stop everything. I have found a way to combine suckers, Christmas, and Oreos. I might need to get rid of all my other recipes just to make room in the kitchen for how much demand these are going to stir up. I can't wait to start baking!

    via the cupcake stand blog
  • Pretzel Santa 13 of 15
    Pretzel Santa
    These little cuties would make a perfect touch around the tree. These would also make a good rooftop addition to some gingerbread houses. Little eatable characters are just the best!

    via the share the best club
  • Santa Cake Pop 14 of 15
    Santa Cake Pop
    Cake pops are so much fun to make at home. It's just the right amount of cake to leave you satisfied. They're also easy enough to make with the kiddos.

    via cake pop ideas
  • Mr. and Mrs. Claus Cookies 15 of 15
    Mr. and Mrs. Claus Cookies
    And to top it all off, we have Santa and his most precious helper, the misses! These sweet little sugar cookies will have your head spinning. I can't wait to serve these up at our Christmas Craftathon!

    via sandy snowflake

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