15 Winter Crafts for Kids

15 Winter Crafts for Kids

As a special treat for the New Year, Emily Meyer  shares her favorite winter crafts for kids. Emily is the co-founder and designer at Tea Collection, a children’s clothing brand that’s inspired by global travel and that aims to “outfit little citizens of the world.” Emily is also the mother of two children, ages 2 and 4, who crave crafts. Both at work and at home, Emily loves to find, create, and share new forms of beauty. Enjoy!

Cold weather keeping you cooped up inside and giving your kids cabin fever? Take a creative break to try some of these winter-inspired crafts the whole family can enjoy.


  • Pom Pom Snowman 1 of 15
    Pom Pom Snowman
    How cute is this? I love the fringe on the felt scarf and my daughter loves the arms made of twigs sprinkled with glitter.

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  • Snowman Garland 2 of 15
    Snowman Garland
    We have a lot of color in our house, so a white garland actually stands out. It's both fun and sophisticated, and the dusting of white glitter glue makes you look twice.

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  • Winter Scene Jars 3 of 15
    Winter Scene Jars
    My kids love creating their own little worlds in mason jars. Search your house for props and small figurines. You can buy the snowflakes at a crafts shop or use torn cotton balls, powdered sugar, kosher salt…

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  • Pine Cone Elves 4 of 15
    Pine Cone Elves
    To me, pinecones say "winter" and felt says "craft." And wait until you see the little shoes and mittens on these elves. Adorable.

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  • Colorful Pine Trees 5 of 15
    Colorful Pine Trees
    So easy, so colorful. And a fantastic way to use scraps of wrapping paper.

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  • Cardboard Reindeer 6 of 15
    Cardboard Reindeer
    We love to make crafts out of recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable parts—especially when the recipe is this easy and the result is so fun.

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  • Pine Cone Snowman 7 of 15
    Pine Cone Snowman
    This craft is so easy my daughter can almost do it on her own, and so fun that even my husband made one—but he freestyled and made an owl.

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  • Wooden Stars 8 of 15
    Wooden Stars
    These twig stars have their own rustic charm. We bind them with twine, raffia, yarn—rubber bands!

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  • Twine Snowman 9 of 15
    Twine Snowman
    Short on time? Grab a few balls of twine! With some pins, buttons, bobbins and the like, you're good to go.

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  • Twisted Scarf 10 of 15
    Twisted Scarf
    This scarf couldn't be simpler. You just twist and knot strips of fabric or strands of yarn. (For one of our Tea Collection photo shoots, we created a similar scarf by unraveling an old rug. This is easier!)

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  • Neon-Dipped Pine Cones 11 of 15
    Neon-Dipped Pine Cones
    Hint: Hold the top and paint your way up from the bottom. Otherwise you'll end up with neon handprints all over your furniture. Don't ask me how I know that.

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  • Glitter Acorns 12 of 15
    Glitter Acorns
    If you have eucalyptus trees in your area, you'll likely find the pods or acorns all over. Harvest a few and gild them in glitter.

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  • Creative Tea Lights 13 of 15
    Creative Tea Lights
    Winter enchantment in an old jelly jar? Love it!

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  • Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes 14 of 15
    Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes
    Because it doesn't snow where we live in California, my kids and I make our own snowflakes indoors. The beads add texture and a beautiful shade of winter white.

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  • Watercolor Snowflakes 15 of 15
    Watercolor Snowflakes
    My kids love to draw "invisible snowflakes" with white crayon on white paper. Then when they paint over them with watercolor, the snowflakes appear like magic.

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