17 Mom Bloggers Share Their Favorite Nonprofits to Support in 2013

After a heavy season of annual giving during the holidays, it is time to turn our attentions back to nonprofit organizations and NGOs that still need our support during the other 11 months of the year.

When 2013 rolled around I asked members of the Global Team of 200 to share the organizations they think you should support this year and why. From organizations that focus on child hunger to childhood vaccinations in developing countries 17 mom bloggers who span the country share their nonprofit recommendations.

What nonprofit organization do you recommend?

  • Kristine Brite McCormick 1 of 17
    Kristine Brite McCormick
    I recommend Save Babies Through Screening Foundation, the only parent-run newborn screening organization. 2013 is the 50th anniversary of newborn screening, and I can't think of a better year to support the SBTS mission. Newborn screening saves lives!
  • Amy L. Sullivan 2 of 17
    Amy L. Sullivan
    Delicate Fortress Creations is a shop with a purpose store carrying goods to help women and children. The girl behind this has such passion. I admire that.
  • Elizabeth Atalay 3 of 17
    Elizabeth Atalay

    I greatly admire Navyn Salem founder of Edesia Global Nutrition Solutions. As a mother of four she found a way to help solve problems in hunger crisis by producing ready to use nutritional pastes which can bring a starving child back to health in six weeks of use. Four years after founding Edesia her product has saved the lives of millions of babies and children around the world.

  • Lauren Beihoffer 4 of 17
    Lauren Beihoffer

    I recommend Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, a grassroots organization working in Vietnam that helps children and families in crisis. One of the most amazing things they do is help rescue children from the streets, the sex trade and sweat shops. They do amazing, amazing work. Since one of my sons was born in Vietnam, I just adore this organization and know they could use all the support they could get. 

  • Kelli Nelson 5 of 17
    Kelli Nelson

    Supporting non-profits fighting for global eradication of childhood hunger is important to my family. It's a cause very dear to me because it was my son's own generosity towards less fortunate kids at his school that inspired my interest and advocacy.

    One of my favorite non-profits is Share Our Strength. Founded in 1984 in response to the Ethiopian famine, it's the nation's leading organization working to end childhood hunger in America. Share Our Strength launched its No Kid Hungry campaign in 2008 in a national effort to end childhood hunger in America by 2015.

    I love that Share Our Strength launched another initiative specifically for youth in 2012. Through the Kids Kick Hunger campaign, children are encouraged to participate in fun, meaningful activities to help support No Kid Hungry and make a difference in the fight against childhood hunger in America.

  • Connie Roberts 6 of 17
    Connie Roberts
    This is a big change for me in the direction that I lean toward nonprofits, but after researching this organization and knowing family and friends who have been bullied just because of who they are, I'm supporting the Born This Way Foundation. Lady Gaga and her mother founded this organization to to embrace individuality, provide a safe online community, and work towards solutions against bullying. They share stories of bravery from those who have overcome all types of struggles from body image issues to physical disabilities.
  • Meagan Paullin 7 of 17
    Meagan Paullin
    My all time favorite is Heifer International. I love the way Heifer International helps build up a whole community. Instead of just giving people food because they're hungry - they bring in chickens, teach them to raise them, give them the resources that they need. Then they have eggs to eat, or to sell. They can breed and raise more chickens, to feed their family. Then, after they grow enough, they are able to give a small herd of chickens to the next family in their community.
  • Lisa Lightner 8 of 17
    Lisa Lightner

    I would like to recommend, one of the oldest and largest organizations in the world committed to helping people with disabilities. When you parent a child with special needs, often times the child is a child for life, never able to live fully independent lives and remaining at home--and many rely on TheArc. TheArc not only helps children and babies with disabilities prepare for the highest level of independence they can, they are their to provide programs and services for adults with disabilities.

    What's also awesome about TheArc, is that more than 60 years ago, some moms who had children that were "mentally retarded," the phrase used at the time, came together and formed TheArc because they wanted more for their children. All these years later, their core belief remains-that all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are defined by their own strengths, abilities and inherent value, not by their disability. Now, people with disabilities are living longer and need the adult programs, and children that wouldn't have survived are surviving, so making TheArc a part of your donation plan is needed more than ever!

  • Jennifer Barbour 9 of 17
    Jennifer Barbour
    I support many non-profits, as I'm sure many of us do, but on the top of my list is Crossroads. Based in Maine, their mission is to provide gender-responsive addiction and behavioral health treatment services in a safe and respectful environment so individuals and families can lead healthy lives. They have provided cutting edge, women-focused services since 1974 and serve as a national model when it comes to innovative substance abuse treatment. They help women and men remember who they wanted to be. I've seen many lives changed and families reunited through my work with them over the years. You can find more about Crossroads at
  • Paula Rudnicka 10 of 17
    Paula Rudnicka

    I would like to recommend three organizations: 1) Namibian Women's Health Network (I conducted research on the work the organization is doing in October and I wrote about it in this blog post; 2) Center for Legal Research and Resource Development (CeLRRd) - it is an amazing organization I worked with while conducting research related to human trafficking and forced labor in Nepal (one of the leading non-governmental organizations in Nepal; it works to protect and promote human rights, rule of law and access to justice); and 3) ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) - the organization I work for (an international development program that promotes the rule of law by working with in-country partners to build sustainable institutions and societies that deliver justice, foster economic opportunity and ensure respect for human dignity).

  • Nicole Melancon 11 of 17
    Nicole Melancon
    I support UN Foundation's Shot@Life campaign which provides life-saving vaccines in developing countries. Every 20 seconds a child dies from a vaccine preventable death. Vaccines are the most cost effective health care investment available and save millions of lives. I believe strongly that every child should have a healthy shot at life and better chance of reaching a fifth birthday. I am proud to be a Shot@Life Champion and advocate where I am helping children around the world get a healthy start at life.
  • Jacki Hayes 12 of 17
    Jacki Hayes
    I would like to nominate a small local animal shelter called Animal Lifeline. It is a no kill, special needs shelter that provided us with an amazing family member. Without their existence, Amber (who was found wandering with a broken leg) would like have not found our home. They have become saving grace of hundred animals, providing a place for many who are not considered "adoptable".
  • Jennifer Wagner 13 of 17
    Jennifer Wagner
    I am a supporter of the Half the Sky Movement. The Half the Sky Movement is cutting across platforms to ignite the change needed to put an end to the oppression of women and girls worldwide, the defining issue of our time. Inspired by journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's book of the same name, it brings together video, websites, games, blogs and other educational tools to not only raise awareness of women's issues, but to also provide concrete steps to fight these problems and empower women.
  • Lisa Van Engen 14 of 17
    Lisa Van Engen
    I suggest World Renew's program Free a Family. This non-profit addresses the root causes of poverty by supporting programs in agriculture, health, nutrition, literacy, and more in a region of your choice. Through this program you assist a family as well as the community they reside in.
  • Samantha Kitchenman 15 of 17
    Samantha Kitchenman
    An amazing organization I love is Made By Survivors. They help provide training, schooling, and education to women and their children who are rescued from brothels and trafficking. They make beautiful jewelry, bags, cards and more. People can help by shopping for items or donating directly to the funds. Since they began in 2005, they have sent 250 kids to school, trained and employed 350 survivors, and raised money for new shelters, programs, and after care programs.
  • Shiloh Kinne 16 of 17
    Shiloh Kinne
    One local non-profit organization in my area that I'd love to raise awareness about is TRAC (Transition Resource Action Center). It's a program that helps prepare foster care youth for independent living. Many times, foster parents close the doors on a teenage foster child when they reach 18 and they are left without any support systems. TRAC helps bridge the gap for young adults leaving foster care and helps them become a contributing member of their communities. I used to work for this program before my journey as a mother began, so I know first hand the good work that they do.
  • Wendy Douglas 17 of 17
    Wendy Douglas
    I definitely recommend supporting The Exodus Road. I wrote about why I am part of the team on my blog. We are fighting human trafficking and child slavery by working with local law enforcement to find situations of trafficking and to then assisting in the rescue of victims and the prosecution of criminals.

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