19 Photos of Bad Animal Taxidermy

19 Photos of Bad Animal Taxidermy

As parents, we can’t begrudge people for wanting to keep their deceased pet dog “Fifi” or parrot “Crackers” around after they’ve passed away. More often than not, we’re the ones who have to deal with the crying children and tattered remains. We understand the deep emotional connection we have with animals, domesticated or otherwise.

But we happened upon some REALLY bad animal taxidermy and as we approach Halloween as well as the Day of the Dead, it seems downright appropriate to showcase it. They’re so amateurish, they might just make you laugh. Thanks to “Sven” of Reddit, we have collected a series of images that are both creepy and hilarious!

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  • Polar Teddy Bear 3 of 21
    Polar Teddy Bear
    Is he a cartoon or a teddy bear? Or both? I like his sharp teeth.
  • Potty Fox 4 of 21
    Potty Fox
    He's been holding it for three hours now. Let the FOX GO PEE.
  • Drunk Party Fox 5 of 21
    Drunk Party Fox
    I just keep hearing him say, "HEY! GUYS!"
  • Lionjaguardog 6 of 21
    The first person to successfully identify the species of this animal gets a prize.
  • Coy Wolf 7 of 21
    Coy Wolf
    Good thing the sign is there. That's all I'm saying.
  • Snarling Fox 8 of 21
    Snarling Fox
    This guy needs an orthodontist and an attitude adjustment.
  • Comedian Bobcat 9 of 21
    Comedian Bobcat
    "Get it? Get it?" Maybe they thought Bobcat Goldthwait would be a good guide for this one. No more knock-knock jokes for this feline.
  • Omni-Squirrel 10 of 21
    Is the squirrel looking at me or you? Or both of us at the same time? They probably ran out of squirrel eyes at the shop.
  • Giraffe Cat 11 of 21
    Giraffe Cat
    I'd have the same look of surprise if I had a neck that could telescope out an extra three feet. He's looks like the lovechild of Inspector Gadget and Garfield.
  • Awkward Cat 12 of 21
    Awkward Cat
    There's always one guy at the party who just seems out of place. This cat is that guy. Forever.
  • Lumpy Dog 13 of 21
    Lumpy Dog
    Just... WHAT?
  • Surprised Cheetah 14 of 21
    Surprised Cheetah
    I don't know who is more frightened looking: me or the cheetah?
  • Distraught Otter 15 of 21
    Distraught Otter
    Did they have to make him look so sad for THE REST OF HIS LIFE? Buck up, little guy.
  • Manic Mountain Lion 16 of 21
    Manic Mountain Lion
    "Sure, let's use sharpie around his mouth. He'll look more menacing and less volleyball-playing that way."
  • Cat Rodent 17 of 21
    Cat Rodent
    The very definition of cat hell: being made to look like a rat.
  • Sleepy Cougar 18 of 21
    Sleepy Cougar
    After a long night at the bar, Sleepy Cougar needs some rest and a couple of advil.
  • Bunch of Bull 19 of 21
    Bunch of Bull
    This taxidermist managed to make this cow/bull look like a fish. Style points for that.
  • Angry Ninja Cat 20 of 21
    Angry Ninja Cat
    Angry Ninja don't care.
  • Classy Squirrel 21 of 21
    Classy Squirrel
    Is your taxidermy project looking a little tired? Just give him a top hat and cane. Made of beer cans.

All images care of Reddit /r/ Bad Taxidermy

So, there you have it. Maybe a few of the artists working on these animal cadavers wanted to add a little irony to their creations, but most are just downright BAD.

It may seem wrong to laugh, but laughter is great medicine to fortify  yourself against the disease of death.

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PS: You’re welcome, Jenny Lawson.
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