19 Tips on How to Never Grow Up

19 Tips on How to Never Grow Up

It’s been 60 years now since Disney first released Peter Pan. 60 years! That means my mom, my daughter, and I all watched it as kids. That’s three generations that have gotten to see the world through a child’s eyes and be transported to a time and place where happiness was putting on a costume or building a fort.

Watching the newly released on DVD and Blu-ray Peter Pan classic with my girl reminded me that we always need to find ways to celebrate and nurture our inner child. That I need to have the soul of a kid when I’m with her…and when I’m not. That “never growing up” should be a life example I give her not by preaching it, but by living it.

And how to live a life of “never growing up”? Easier than you think.

  • Practice your I’m Sorry face 1 of 19
    Practice makes perfect. Learning to say "I'm sorry" and really mean it takes time and lots of compassion. But how could anyone refuse your apology if it comes tinged with a fun and childish face?
  • Build a fort 2 of 19
    Not only will you love yourself for feeling like a child again inside your own crazy fort, but your kids will adore this side of you. Note, you should build the fort and also live the fort.
  • Make up a song 3 of 19
    My husband and my daughter are masters at this! She loves just prompting him on her cue to make up a song about whatever is on her mind and he usually can master a made-up song that will give her the giggles.
  • Wear a costume because it’s TUESDAY 4 of 19
    Just for the heck of it, put on a princess or super hero dress and transport yourself to an enchanted universe with your kids. I admit I'm the worse with costumes, but anytime I do dare done one, I feel fun and free.
  • Believe anything is possible 5 of 19
    I hope that when my daughter is older, she'll remember all the times I told her "Anything is possible in your imagination and your dreams." Children believe it wholeheartedly, when do we stop believing in anything beyond our five senses? Trust and believe, just like a child innately does and you will "never grow up."
  • Let someone take care of you 6 of 19
    Ah, when do we decide we can just do it all and we're to grown up to not be taken care of? Nonsense! We all need help from others as much as we need to give it.
  • Start a parade 7 of 19
    I had never thought of this, but why not? Parades are loud, full of music, dance, color, and just overall fun! The most fun part is coming up with different themes for your parades that are just as quirky as a parade itself.
  • Don’t be afraid to get your hands (or feet) dirty 8 of 19
    Most children could care less if they get dirty while having fun. They won't let something so foolish stop their enjoyment. Adults? We over think it and limit our creativity for fear of plain ole dirt.
  • Make time for dreaming 9 of 19
    Mine should read just "make time for sleeping!" Children sleep, children dream, children know when to stop.
  • Talk like a pirate all day…Arrrrgghh 10 of 19
    Pirate talk is a sure way to get in a fun mode. Making funny faces and making up strange words will get anyone in a kid-like mode. Let's have a pirate day!!
  • Tell someone a story 11 of 19
    To be honest, I kinda shiver when my girl says "Tell me a story mom!" She loves for me to make them up on the spot and it makes me feel self-conscious about my spontaneous creativity. But once I let go of that and just have fun with whatever comes out of my brain at that moment, I understand it's really about the moment, not the actual storytelling abilities.
  • Stay up past your bedtime 12 of 19
    I have no problem with this one! For kids, staying up past their bedtime is reserved for special occasions and celebrated as such. Turn of the electronics, go out, get in a playful mood, stay up and make it count.
  • Have a good laugh 13 of 19
    You know, those laughs that make your stomach hurt and the tears run down with no shame? Those are the ones we treasure. Find those that make us laugh and keep them close. They will never let you grow up.
  • Believe in fairy Godmothers 14 of 19
    We must all have that one person that embodies a fairy Godmother, we just have to believe it. When we believe we're taken care of and our wishes can always come true, we let go of so much fear.
  • Play a game of anything 15 of 19
    Do we make time for play? Real and honest, I-can-live-in-the-moment play? I can't say I do enough of it on my own. My daughter is my play master and she keeps me young. Play, just play!
  • Play with your food 16 of 19
    This one is easier said than done!
  • Make a pact, and spit on it 17 of 19
    Camaraderie, sisterhood, fills the soul and keeps it young.
  • Set your course for adventure 18 of 19
    Live with courage and forget the map! Embrace the unknown because that's where change lies. The more we change and try new things, the younger and freer we'll feel.
  • Take time to tinker 19 of 19
    Take time to tinker with your life, with the things around you. Create, inspire, make things beautiful and uniquely yours.


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