2 things to focus on in the middle of a hurricane

Well, then.

It seems the Hurricane Sandy is on the verge of coming ashore on the East Coast of the United States.  Hopefully, all of you who visit me from that part of the world and who are planning on riding out the storm already have your disaster kits pulled together, you have homeowners and/or rental insurance policies close by, your cell phones are all charged up, and your car’s gas tank (if you have one) is full.

And now, we wait.

My girl Laura Mayes shared a really great post on what you can do while you wait out a hurricane (and I fully endorse all of her points), but having lived in hurricane and tropical storm areas for most of my life, I know that all the hurricane cocktails in the world don’t ease the stress that you feel when you’re in the middle of one.  And so today, I thought I’d share two things to focus on specifically while you ride out the storm:

1.  Hurricane time is family time.  Despite the misery of a hurricane, the fact is that this is a time when you get to really truly focus on the only thing that matters — the safety and comfort of your family.  My recommendation:  get all the mattresses, blankets and pillows that you can and make a “fort” in an interior hallway of your house (away from any windows, in the event that they are compromised in the storm).  Then, along with your battery operated radios, cell phones, important documents and everything else you have gathered to stay connected, bring tons of books, journals and art supplies, playing cards, board games — all the fun things that you never get around to doing, that don’t require electricity, and that can bring you and your family together while you wait out the storm.  Read to each other, journal together.  The weather might get a bit scary out there, so create as much of a little haven as you can for you guys to cozy up together and wait it out.

2.  Remember we are all connected.  The last hurricane I went through, Hurricane Ike, the aftermath was pretty amazing:  we had no power and water for a few days, but once the storm passed, neighbours I’d never even seen before came outside to pool resources, make sure everyone was okay, and help each other clear debris and repair damage as necessary.  Hurricanes, for all their destruction, do bring out the best in people.  So once the hurricane passes and after you’ve ensured everyone in your family is safe, be sure to check on your neighbours as well (as they likely will for you).  Help each other out, and give each other kindness.  The support you give and received during those days after will be something you’ll cherish the rest of your life.

On that note, friends, stay safe, don’t take any unnecessary risks, and all the rest of us who are out of Sandy’s path are pulling for you.  Sending you warm thoughts.



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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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