20 Awesome Pop Culture Drawings

20 Awesome Pop Culture Drawings!

Are you guys familiar with the world of Tumblr? It’s a fascinating place, really. Like Twitter it has it’s own language and standards of conduct. It exists as an alien world to those on the outside of it, and usually people, once there, don’t like to leave.

I’m a recent convert.

And, Tumblr has given us so many wonderful, wonderful things.

It has gifted us:
-The “reblog” system where content is shared, often without credit.
-A place for artists and creatives post things that they want seen.
-A simple blogging platform.
-Hours of mindless entertainment.
-Deep philosophical discussions where it isn’t really easy to comment back.
-Animated Gifs of cats, like this one.

Cat DJ gif
Cat DJ rocks the party…

But one of my favorite things right now, happens to be the artwork of one Tyler Feder. She has drawn little pieces of my heart. I’m a pop culture fan, not obsessive mind you, but these made my day. She is a self-described, real-life Liz Lemon, and that makes me want to be best friends with her.

Anyway, check these out, especially the last couple of illustrations. Amazing.

  • Gotye Potter? 1 of 22
    Gotye Potter?
    Two of the hugest pop culture events of the past year? Harry Potter and Gotye are in that shortlist.
  • Hunger Games 2 of 22
    Hunger Games
    Man, Peeta really learned how to camouflage himself FAST.
  • Instagram/Facebook Models 3 of 22
    Instagram/Facebook Models
    With the advent of social media, we've seen a huge increase in the "selfie" or self-portrait photo.
  • Insecure Disney Pals 4 of 22
    Insecure Disney Pals
    What if the fairytale princesses we know and love were REAL PEOPLE?
  • 30 Rock Fan? 5 of 22
    30 Rock Fan?
    I'm a huge "30 Rock" fan. We mourn together.
  • Sleeping Beauty Continuity 6 of 22
    Sleeping Beauty Continuity
    I'm just gonna ignore this one. I can't be too logical when it comes to animated movies.
  • Ninja Turtles 7 of 22
    Ninja Turtles
    This should be my mantra.
  • One Direction 8 of 22
    One Direction
    As a non-teenager, I have no idea what this means.
  • Many Faces of January Jones 9 of 22
    Many Faces of January Jones
    What if January Jones had a calendar? NOT THAT KIND OF CALENDAR.
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch 10 of 22
    Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    I, too, have a love for this cereal. I should make it official.
  • Doctor Who 11 of 22
    Doctor Who
    Who needs a rundown on Dr. Who? Here ya go!
  • Tina & Amy 12 of 22
    Tina & Amy
    As was mentioned last night at the Oscars, these two should just host everything ever again.
  • Parks & Rec 13 of 22
    Parks & Rec
    What if they were sharks? Just... WHAT IF?
  • Parks & Rec – Ice Cream 14 of 22
    Parks & Rec - Ice Cream
    Yummy snack time! All the characters as ice cream. Makes sense to me.
  • Arrested Development 15 of 22
    Arrested Development
    What if we could get the foods we heard about on their amazing show?
  • The Office 16 of 22
    The Office
    All the foods from The Office. They make me hungry.
  • Arrested Snacks Pt 2 17 of 22
    Arrested Snacks Pt 2
    So much awesome.
  • Charlie & the Chocolate Factory 18 of 22
    Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
  • 30 Rock is Dead 19 of 22
    30 Rock is Dead
    Don't know about you, but I'm mourning.
  • 30 Rock… 20 of 22
    30 Rock...
    These photos are almost as good as new episodes...
  • Handsome Man 21 of 22
    Handsome Man
    This is how I know I will never be the handsomest man
  • Little Mermaid Problems 22 of 22
    Little Mermaid Problems
    The little mermaid might reconsider that whole human thing. Too much pressure.

All images by: Tyler Feder – on Tumblr (Roaring Softly)!

Great, right? So simple and so much awesome. Follow her on Twitter too, and profess your undying love for her illustrations. Tell them “Bob” sent you. Because I haven’t had the guts to tell her my real name.

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