20 Inspirational and Beautiful Pieces of Wall Art for Kids

It’s never too early to motivate our children and constantly let them know how much they are loved, how special and unique they are, and to excite them to go after their dreams. In fact, this is when we’re helping them build their sense of self worth and boosting their egos in a healthy and positive way.

One way to motivate and inspire our kids every single day is to place wall art that is so beautiful it’s eye candy with inspiring phrases, which they’ll read so much in passing that the words will become like daily mantras. Here are 20 that I wish I could get right now.

  • Inspirational and Beautiful Wall Art for Kids 1 of 21
    inspirational wall art for kids

    Inspirational eye candy you'll want to click all through for!

  • Born to be loved 2 of 21

    No matter how tough a day gets for a kid, she can look at this wall art by Children Inspire Design and remember something as essential as that she was born to be loved.



  • You are a magical unicorn pony 3 of 21

    A magical unicorn pony? Sure. Why not?

    This print from laurageorge on Etsy is a daily reminder to your kid that fantasy is a beautiful thing.


  • I am unique, I am special, I am me 4 of 21

    It's great for kids to learn and repeat simple, loving affirmations everyday. This rocket ship print by LaLaLa Designs on Etsy includes an easy one for your kid to remind himself all on his own how special he truly is.


  • A girl should be two things 5 of 21

    It's as if Rosy Hue Arts on Etsy made this print for my girl! She already knows this and reminds all that she is her own person, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind seeing it on her wall!

  • Fill your cup 6 of 21

    A pretty print created by stubborndog on etsy from her original watercolor with a reminder to "Fill your cup" with anything that makes you happy, but, most importantly, by making others happy.


  • A light heart and a happy soul 7 of 21

    Just looking at this design by ParadaCreations on Etsy makes me feel with "a light heart and a happy soul."

  • You 8 of 21

    Two hearts, one baby full of love. Simply gorgeous design by loopzart.



  • You are beautiful 9 of 21

    Children Inspire Design keeps it simple, yet powerful with three little words our kids should hear all the time: "You are beautiful."


  • You are important 10 of 21

    Which kid doesn't want to be constantly reminded of just how awesome they are? Mindfullymade on Etsy knows that and has created these prints on archival paper and ink so you can make repeating these words part of your daily routine.


  • Let your creativity shine 11 of 21

    Creativity in kids must be nurtured and applauded. This print by ElizaTobin on Etsy is a beautiful reminder for us parents to allow their creativity to shine and for our kids to let it all out.



  • Just be yourself 12 of 21

    Being yourself seems so simple, but it's a difficult concept for most to master. With this print from tigesandweince on Etsy, let's teach our kids early on that no matter how big the world around them is, there's no one as beautiful as who they are.


  • The force is strong with this one 13 of 21

    For the Star Wars fans to bring the "force" into their kid's bedroom in a subtle and artsy way with this print by Wallfry on Etsy.


  • Dream big 14 of 21

    I love that this art print by guess what? on can be personalized with your child's name and hair color. I'm always encouraging my girl to dream and dream big. Her possibilities have no boundaries!

  • I am truly blessed 15 of 21

    ecdesign on Etsy has created an 11x7 print with an affirmation every child should learn to repeat to themselves all the time: "I am blessed."


  • Oh, the places you’ll go! 16 of 21

    This Dr. Seuss quote feels like a manifestation on this beautiful print by LilChipie on Etsy.


  • Be a kid 17 of 21

    This print by Creative Wild Child on Etsy reminds kids to just be kids.

  • Be gentle with yourself 18 of 21

    How often do we have to be reminding kids to "be gentle?" How about reminding them to also be gentle on themselves? laurageorge on Etsy has this original print with fun and gentle "role models."


  • Free to be me 19 of 21

    This RosyHuesArt on Etsy print feels like it's made to free your kids soul, creativity and inner self.


  • Love you 20 of 21

    Love you. That's all. Find this beautiful print at LilChipie's Etsy shop.

  • Smile because you are loved 21 of 21

    trbdesign on Etsy has created a beautiful reason to put a smile on our kids face every time they look at the wall and see their name with a reminder of how much they are loved.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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