20 Spectacularly Spooky, Clever and Just Plain Insane Halloween Yards

They come in peace... or pieces.

Every day I drive past this one house in my neighborhood that has a bunch of tiny ghosts dancing in a circle on the front lawn.

It looks fantastic.

Ghosts are spooky, but kid ghosts are even creepier. Kind of like those terrifying twins from The Shining (scariest movie of all time, in my humble opinion) that keep begging Danny to come play.

Kids are creepy, man. Think of any scary movie you’ve ever seen. The fear factor ratchets upward whenever a kid is on the scene. If the kid is singing a nursery rhyme in their tiny voice – fuggeddaboutit.

The kid ghosts down the street got me to thinking about all the spooktacular Halloween decorations that I’ve seen. I don’t know if more people are going all out for Halloween or if I’m just noticing it more, but it seems like some folks like to get their ghoul on even more than they enjoy decorating the halls with boughs of holly.

Here then are 20 of the coolest, cleverest, spooktacular Halloween yards around. Check ’em out, you could get an idea or two you can do in your own yard and you might not even have to go buy anything. C’mon, what fun is Halloween if we can’t freak out a couple neighbor kids, amiright?

  • They Have Landed 1 of 20
    A friend of mine posted this photo on Facebook. I think this one is actually my favorite of the bunch.
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  • Caution 2 of 20
    If there's one thing I've learned from looking at all these photos, you can't go wrong with some yellow "Caution" or "Crime Scene" tape. It does the trick every time.
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  • Ghoulish 3 of 20
    Like a scene straight out of a Tim Burton flick.
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  • Halloween Land 4 of 20
    There is so much going on here it's almost overkill. Get it? OverKILL
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  • Fire Hazard 5 of 20
    Having just gone through a house fire I don't know if I could deal with this... Unless those aren't candles being used to light those bad boys. If they are they must hire someone to light them every night?
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  • It’s All About The Lighting 6 of 20
    Halloween decor is all about strategically placed lights, as this yard demonstrates.
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  • Halloween in the Hood 7 of 20
    Holy crap. That's a lotta stuff.
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  • Lights All Year Round! 8 of 20
    I'm seeing more and more Christmas-like lights being used on Halloween and I totally dig it. Lights all year round, I say! Bring on the pink Valentine lights!
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  • Creepy Cool 9 of 20
    No need to go nuts, a couple super creepy cool displays and you're good to go.
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  • Jaws 10 of 20
    Dude. The Jaws shipwreck is AWESOME.
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  • Clever 11 of 20
    Grounded, indeed.
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  • Ghostly Dinner Party 12 of 20
    The all white affect is super creepy. Like a Diddy party but instead of in the Hamptons it's in Hell.
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  • Happy Halloween! 13 of 20
    Sorry, couldn't help myself.
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  • Can’t Go Wrong With a Fog Machine 14 of 20
    This is something you can do on the fly at home. Stuff some of dad's close and hang them from a tree. Or just prop him in a chair next to the front door.
    Photo Credit: halloweenforum
  • Day Vs. Night 15 of 20
    Some displays are better in the day but I prefer the ones meant to be seen at night.
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  • Intense 16 of 20
    These guys should get, like, the blue ribbon of Halloween House awards.
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  • Hockey Mask = Super Scary 17 of 20
    Every year my brother puts on a hockey mask and chases neighbor kids around. Good stuff.
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  • Kids and Babies are Always Creepy 18 of 20
    Baby carriage! Yes. This is good. Like I said, kids and babies are always creepy.
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  • Walking in the Spiderwebs 19 of 20
    You can buy bags and bags of spiderwebs for really cheap. Even if that's all you do it's a great affect.
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  • The Walking Dead 20 of 20
    They turned the whole front lawn into a graveyard! Run for your lives!
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