21 Thanksgiving Recipes Guaranteed To Please

Thanksgiving dinner is one of those events that people look forward to all year. There’s just something about a golden, roasted turkey, fresh from the oven, surrounded by dish after dish heaped full of your family favorites. And we can’t forget about the pies now can we? Pumpkin, apple, pecan, yes, please! Whether you’re hosting things at your house this year or headed somewhere else, I pulled together a gallery full of go-to Thanksgiving recipes — some traditional and some not so traditional — guaranteed to make your feast a flavor-filled success.

Bonus: Thanksgiving falls on the very last week of the month this year, so we still have plenty of time to prepare!

Sage Butter Roasted Turkey And Gravy 1 of 20
If this turkey tastes as good as it looks, everyone at your Thanksgiving table is guaranteed to go home happy.

Method here from Country Living
Brined And Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey 2 of 20
Have you ever brined a turkey? I've heard it's the only way to go for unbeatable flavor and moistness. I need to give it a try this year!

Perhaps this method from Mel's Kitchen Cafe
Herbed Roasted Turkey 3 of 20
Apple cider is the secret ingredient for this herb roasted turkey, delicious!

Recipe and details from Whole Living
Oil And Herb Marinated Turkey 4 of 20
Rub this herb and oil mixture under the skin of your turkey before cooking for savory and flavorful results.

Details here from Tatertots and Jello
Herbed Mashed Potatoes 5 of 20
This recipe looks like a tasty twist on your standard mashed potato favorite.

Get it here from Martha Stewart
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes 6 of 20
Buttermilk makes everything better, even mashed potatoes. It's science.

Get it here from Martha Stewart
Make Ahead Fluffy Dinner Rolls 7 of 20
These rolls can be prepped up to a month in advance, so helpful when you're hosting dinner at your house. There's just so much to do the day of!

Recipe here from The Galley Gourmet
Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes 8 of 20
Sweet potatoes, yams, let's call them what they really are: Thanksgiving's most controversial side dish. You either love them or you hate them, right? I don't see how you couldn't love this twice baked version. Give it a try!

Details here from Spoon, Fork, Bacon
Sweet Potato Casserole 9 of 20
I've had something similar to this in the past and I can tell you, it feels like more of a dessert than anything!

Recipe here from Food & Wine
Sweet Potato Soufflé 10 of 20
This recipe calls for heavy cream and a healthy dose of Gruyère cheese which translates into all kinds of deliciousness, I'm sure.

Recipe here from Food & Wine
Bacon Topped Green Bean Casserole 11 of 20
No can of cream-of-anything here, just the good stuff. Add bacon or pancetta to really amp things up.

Recipe here from Key Ingredients
Savory French Green Bean Casserole 12 of 20
Let's all admit that the basic can of cream of mushroom soup/crispy fried onions version is pretty darn addictive, but there has to be a better way! This recipe promises to be the answer, all fresh, no cans involved.

Get it here from The Cozy Apron
Easy Thanksgiving Stuffing 13 of 20
If you've never made stuffing from scratch, you'll be surprised at how simple it is and so worth it!

Recipe from The Kitchn
Cornbread Cranberry Dressing 14 of 20
I have such a soft spot for cornbread stuffing, it's so sweet and flavorful! You can start prep on this a day or two ahead to throw it together day of in a snap.

Recipe here from A Food Centric Life
Pumpkin Pie Crumb Bars 15 of 20
How about a crumb topped alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie? These bars look divine!

Recipe here from Cooking Classy
Pumpkin Cream Pie 16 of 20
This light and fluffy cream pie version of the traditional pumpkin pie looks like a real winner, especially with candied pecans. Another great part of your menu that can be made ahead of time!

Recipe here from A Spicy Perspective
Pumpkin Crumb Pie 17 of 20
This tasty pie is a cross between that yummy pumpkin dessert and more traditional pumpkin pie. Add a crumb top for extra deliciousness.

Recipe here from Tastes From Lizzy T
Traditional Apple Pie 18 of 20
Here's a basic apple pie recipe with a little secret ingredient to help the bottom crust avoid getting soggy.

Recipe here from Up Close & Tasty
Dulce de Leche Apple Pie 19 of 20
Adding dulce de leche to your apple pie filling promises for the most savory pie eating experience ever!

Recipe here from Vinkalinka
Old Fashioned Pecan Pie 20 of 20
Oh pecan pie, you do not disappoint! If you've never made your own, this is the year you should try. The recipe is surprisingly simple with just a few basic ingredients.

Get it here from Epicurious


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