21 Things I Was Obsessed With From the 70’s

Wacky Packs! 8th Series!

One of the few things that sucks about being an “older” mom is that my frame of reference is a little different than some of my 80’s and (dear God) 90’s era baby-mama friends. I want to be able to say, “You know what song I just heard on the radio? David Soul’s Don’t Give Up On Us Baby!” and have it met  with, “Sweet! Was it the 70’s soft rock XM station? I loved that song!” not, “Who? What? You’re old.” Because I’m not old in my mind! I”m young and spry and open to new things I just really like to reminisce about the old stuff too.

So here is a list of stuff that I luurved from my youth and feel free to remind me of anything I left out in the comments!

  • A Girl Named Sooner 1 of 21
    Did you see this movie? I believe I was ten years old and sobbed so hard that my parents almost put me in therapy. Of course they did put me in therapy a few years later so maybe the two weren't even related. But this is a classic TV movie. The original Lifetime movie before Lifetime even existed. No wonder I loved it.
  • Jean Nate 2 of 21
    Can you hear the jingle in your head right now? "Jean Nate, Jean Nate" featuring a chick on a horse and some fields. This stuff is the crack of bath splash. You can still buy it nowadays but to be honest I haven't done it.
  • Dittos 3 of 21
    These are the saddleback kind but they also had the diaper, the one with just a smooth but and of course they came in all different colors. I rocked them in the 6th grade.
  • Wacky Packs 4 of 21
    8th series was my favorite. Yubum coffee, Scorch Mouthwash, Hopeless Snowballs anyone? I used to walk down to Montgomery Ward on my own and buy a shitload of them for 5 cents each. What am I 90?
  • VC Andrews 5 of 21
    Flowers In The Attic, Petals On the Wind, the list goes on. Was there anything better than this series? I read them all compulsively. Should have known then that I would grow up to do everything compulsively. Has anyone gone back and read this again? I'm scared it won't hold up so I haven't done it.
  • Satin anything 6 of 21
    Satin jackets were the bomb but don't forget about satin baseball caps and satin shorts. You were nobody until you owned something shiny like this. Let's bring them back!!
  • Sooner or Later 7 of 21
    Um, Rex Smith? She's 14 and he's 18 or something like that. I had an 18 year old boyfriend when I was 14 so maybe I'm confusing those two but it was close to that. And then there was the song. I may need to go search for it on iTunes. BRB.
  • Jolly Rancher Stix 8 of 21
    Apple was my favorite so that's why I gave you that pic but a close second was Fire. What can i say? I like candy that burns the shit out of my mouth.
  • Forever 9 of 21
    They go all the way! OMG. We had to hide this one with a brown paper bag homemade book cover. Remember those by the way? You put them over all your text books and then added stickers or doodles or what-have-you? I digress...this book was after the other Judy Blume classics but I had to put it first because it blew. my. mind.
  • A Smile jeans 10 of 21
    I also had A Smile jumpsuits. Do you remember those? Please say you do. They came in pastel colors like blue and yellow. We were really into pastels in those days.
  • Shaun Cassidy 11 of 21
    This was my first album ever and I was OBSESSED. Da Doo Ron Ron may have been played so many times I wore it out. It cost five dollars but the pull out poster was PRICELESS. Oh Shaun, I still love you so.
  • Kissing Potion 12 of 21
    You put in on your lips with that little roller and voila, gloopy, gloppy, shiny, smelly lips! Also, you could eat it if you were totally hungry from being on Dexatrim.
  • New record smell 13 of 21
    That smell when you slide off the cellophane covering your record and open up the cardboard for the first time. Niiiice.
  • Agree shampoo 14 of 21
    Do you remember that smell? What about Body on Tap with the beer in it or Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific?
  • Deenie 15 of 21
    Yeah, remember when you first heard about Scoliosis? I got tested for that every year in school and every year they didn't believe I didn't have it. I guess I have a curvy spine but not "officially" Scoliosis. Does anyone test for Scoliosis anymore?
  • Couple’s skate 16 of 21
    You're at the skating rink, staring longingly at the guy who looks a little like Scott Baio but with bad skin and worse sideburns when finally the lights go down and REO Speedwagon comes on. And yes, he asks you to couple skate. Pure bliss baby.
  • HR PufnStuf 17 of 21
    Also Lidsville. P.S. this does NOT hold up. Do yourself a favor and don't try to watch it now. So bad.
  • Clogs 18 of 21
    Specifically Mia clogs. Represented by Ms. Phoebe Cates. I wanted some so bad for so long and yet I honestly can't tell you if I ever owned a pair.
  • Love’s Baby Soft 19 of 21
    Needs no explanation. Smelled sweeter than if you rubbed your body down with moist marshmallows. But made you less likely to be stung by a bee.
  • Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret? 20 of 21
  • Avon Lipgloss 21 of 21
    They came in Oreo cookies, sunny side up eggs and strawberry applicators. Avon, please make these again! I would start a company to make my own but I don't have that kind of time! If Avon refuses, someone should get on this. I'll invest.


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