25 Brown Bag Lunch Menu Ideas

Send the kids off to school with a tasty lunch that will keep them energized throughout the day. These 25 Brown Bag Lunch Menu Ideas make prepping for school in the morning a little easier. Have fun with their lunch by changing up simple things, like the sandwich, and make a sandwich on a skewer. Find creative ways to incorporate leftovers or to make meals that both you and the kids can enjoy.

Get creative with these complete back-to-school lunch menu ideas…

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  • Paris Lunch Menu 2 of 26

    Make quiche cups the night before and put it in their lunch with a croissant sandwich, and maybe a special chocolate treat.
    Find out more at Cooking with My Kid.

  • Meze Graze Lunch Plate 3 of 26

    A Meze Graze lunch menu can be made with hummus, pita, tomato, olives, feta cheese, and almonds.
    Find out more at Cooking with My Kid.

  • Gluten-Free Lunch Menu 4 of 26

    Fill spring rolls with veggies, add a side of lightly salted edamame, with grapes, cherries, and a fortune cookie.
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  • Lunch Skewers 5 of 26

    Prepare lunch skewers with salami, pretzel bites, and cheese. A side of pickles and carrots go great with it.
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  • Cream Cheese Sushi Roll Lunch 6 of 26

    Roll up bread with cream cheese and jelly into sushi rolls. Put avocado, cucumber, blueberries, and gummy snacks for the sides.
    Find out more at Cooking with My Kid.

  • Popcorn Chicken Lunch 7 of 26

    Surprise them with this fun take on popcorn chicken. Grape tomatoes and apple slices make great sides too.
    Find out more at Cooking with My Kid.

  • Hunny Bunny Lunch 8 of 26

    The Hunny Bunch lunch comes with apple slices, animal crackers, yogurt, and a tasty sandwich with creme cheese and carrots.
    Find out more at Cooking With My Kid.

  • Not-Cho Lunch 9 of 26

    Put the fixings for nachos into their lunch like cheese, tomatoes, and taco meat, with fruits and veggies on the side.
    Find out more at Keeley McGuire.

  • Chicken with Capers and Tomatoes Lunch 10 of 26

    This Chicken with Capers and Tomatoes lunch is something the whole family can enjoy. Change up the sides with sweet potatoes and fresh strawberries.
    Find out more at Family Fresh Cooking.

  • Peanut Butter Quesadillas Lunch 11 of 26

    Peanut butter quesadilla filled with apples and honey, celery sticks, craisins, and a couple cookies on the side.
    Find out more at Cooking with My Kid.

  • Turkey Roll Up Lunch 12 of 26

    Roll up a cheese stick and cucumber with turkey. Put crackers, or pretzels, and avocado on the side to make sure they get plenty to eat.
    Find out more at Cooking with My Kid.

  • Veggie Bacon Sandwich 13 of 26

    Not into meat? Make them a veggie bacon sandwich with avocado and tomato. Add cheese puffs and fruit for sides.
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  • Yogurt Parfait Lunch 14 of 26

    Place all the fixings for a yogurt parfait in separate containers (berries, granola, yogurt, and apple sauce). At lunch time they can prepare just how they like it.
    Find out more at Cooking with My Kid.

  • Grilled Turkey Sandwich 15 of 26

    Heat up a grilled turkey with swiss cheese. Add bell peppers and oranges to the side.
    Find out more at Super Healthy Kids.

  • Stuffed Bagels 16 of 26

    Fill the inside of bagels with cream cheese and veggies. Give them a banana for potassium and fresh green beans.
    Find out more at Cooking with My Kid.

  • May the Fork Be With You 17 of 26

    Make fun salami and cheese sandwiches with cookie cutters. Put together sides of strawberries, grapes, carrots, and crackers..
    Find out more at Wendolonia.

  • Peanut Butter-Apple Sandwich Lunch 18 of 26

    Substitute apples for bread in a peanut butter sandwich. Add veggies, grapes, cookies, and greek yogurt for a balanced meal.
    Find out more at Boulder Locavore.

  • Pasta Primavera Lunch 19 of 26

    Prepare pasta the night before, drizzle olive oil on top, and have your child choose the veggies. Dice up cheese for them to sprinkle all over the pasta with the veggies.
    Find out more at Cooking with My Kid.

  • Pita Pizza Lunch 20 of 26

    Make a healthier version of pizza on a pita, and put it over a bed of lettuce. Mixed nuts, blueberries, and cherries can make a great side.
    Find out more at iPack Lunch.

  • Pasta Salad Lunch 21 of 26

    A pasta salad is a great way to go, because it's great cold. Add raspberries, tomato, and sliced ham for the sides.
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  • Soba Noodle Lunch 22 of 26

    Make soba noodles with vegetables and top with a lime dressing. Add a few graham crackers and an apple.
    Find out more at Taste for Adventure.

  • Healthy & Educational Lunch 23 of 26

    Have fun with cheese on a tortilla by writing out words. Prepare a hard boiled egg, with fruits, veggies, a cheese stick, and a couple of cookies.
    Find out more at This Lunch Rox.

  • Frittata Lunch 24 of 26

    Make a cheese and peas frittata the night before for their lunch, with fresh fruit, and pretzels.
    Find out more at Family Fresh Cooking.

  • Little Fish Lunch 25 of 26

    If they like fish, give them a few pieces with mini mandarins, grape tomatoes, corn, and pink carrot with japanases sweet potato skewers.
    Find out more at Happy Little Bento.

  • Pizza Roll Lunch 26 of 26

    Surprise them with homemade pizza rolls, carrots, snow peas, and mango.
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