25 Easter Party Ideas for Kids

Throw an Easter party to remember with crafts, activities, and eggsperiments for kids. Fill hollowed out Easter eggs with confetti and let the kids smash them on the floor. Set up an obstacle course that must be completed while keeping an egg steady on the spoon the entire time (eek!). You will definitely find us playing egg bocce ball in the front yard come Easter Sunday.

  • 25 Easter Party Ideas 1 of 26
    25 Easter Party Ideas
  • Egg and Confetti Cascarones 2 of 26
    Egg and Confetti Cascarones
    Fill Easter eggs with confetti and let the kids smash them on the ground.
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  • Eggtacular Relay 3 of 26
    Eggtacular Relay
    Set up a relay race where the kids have to balance an egg on a spoon while maneuvering around obstacles.
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  • Egg Bocce Ball 4 of 26
    Egg Bocce Ball
    Check out the rules for this new twist on the classic game.
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  • Egg Toss 5 of 26
    Egg Toss
    Set up color coded bins and see who can throw all their plastic eggs into the right bins.
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  • Eggy Scavenger Hunt 6 of 26
    Eggy Scavenger Hunt
    Instead of sending them out on a big hunt, set up a scavenger hunt with clues they have to use to find them.
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  • Eggsperiment 7 of 26
    Use Easter eggs to create a fun experiment all about the power of air pressure.
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  • Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny 8 of 26
    Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny
    Cut out a Easter bunny from felt and a few colorful tails. Have the kids go one at a time with a blindfold to see if they can pin the tail on the Easter bunny.
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  • Easter Memory 9 of 26
    Easter Memory
    Download the free printable to set up this fun Easter memory game.
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  • Bunny Race 10 of 26
    Bunny Race
    Use potato sacks or pillowcases to have the kids wear and hop to the finish line.
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  • Guess How Many Eggs 11 of 26
    Guess How Many Eggs
    Fill a jar with small candy Easter eggs and have the kids try to guess how many are inside.
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  • Easter Bingo 12 of 26
    Easter Bingo
    Download the free printable and set up a fun game to play with everyone.
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  • Bunny Bowling 13 of 26
    Bunny Bowling
    Print out the bunnies and place them on bottles of water. Have the kids roll a ball one at a time to see how many bunny pins they can knock down.
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  • Egg Toss 14 of 26
    Egg Toss
    Have each partner stand on opposite sides and throw the egg back and forth. Step back farther after each throw and see who can keep the egg from cracking to the floor.
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  • Easter Ears 15 of 26
    Easter Ears
    Set up a craft station filled with supplies for kids to make Easter Bunny ears.
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  • Easter Necklaces 16 of 26
    Easter Necklaces
    Make Easter necklaces using jelly beans and plastic eggs they found in the hunt.
    Find out more at Artsy Fartsy Mama.
  • Shaving Cream Easter Eggs 17 of 26
    Shaving Cream Easter Eggs
    If you're not too worried about a little mess, let the kids decorate giant paper eggs with shaving cream paint.
    Find out more at Little Wonders Day.
  • Bunny Masks 18 of 26
    Bunny Masks
    Pick up pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and pom poms to create a craft corner where the kids can make bunny masks.
    Find out more at Kailo Chic.
  • Egg Ring Toss 19 of 26
    Egg Ring Toss
    Make or buy an Easter egg ring toss game you can set up in the yard.
    Buy this one for $15 at Oriental Trading.
  • What’s Inside? 20 of 26
    What's Inside?
    Fill the eggs with different things like popcorn kernels and candy. Have the kids try to guess what is inside each.
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  • Pass the Egg 21 of 26
    Pass the Egg
    Put a hard boiled egg under one child's chin. Have all the kids try to pass it to each other without touching it with their hands and letting it drop.
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  • Egg Carton Scavenger Hunt 22 of 26
    Egg Carton Scavenger Hunt
    Do a nature scavenger hunt with the egg carton and find the matching colors in flowers, plants, and Easter treats.
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  • Egg Roll 23 of 26
    Egg Roll
    Give each kid a hard boiled egg and see who can push it past the finish line with a wooden spoon the fastest.
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  • Egg Hunt Board Game 24 of 26
    Egg Hunt Board Game
    Have a blast playing this printable egg hunt board game with the kids.
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  • Easter Carrot Toss 25 of 26
    Easter Carrot Toss
    Sew up a few carrots and make a bunny face out of cardboard. See how many carrots you can toss into the bunny's mouth.
    Find out more at Craft of the Week.
  • Egg Sculptures 26 of 26
    Egg Sculptures
    Let the kids decorate eggs and stack them into creative sculptures.
    Find out more at Mr. Printables.

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