25 Crazy Fitness & Weight Loss Products

From a pair of blue sunglasses that supposedly curb your appetite, to a set of fitness dumbbells attached to forks and knives, you won’t believe what we’ve found in these 25 Crazy Fitness & Weight Loss Products. Perhaps the facerciser for only about $200 is more your style. After you check out these crazy workout gimmicks you might just settle on the ol’ eating healthy and running approach…

  • 25 Crazy Fitness and Weight Loss Products 1 of 26
    25 Crazy Fitness and Weight Loss Products
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  • Abs Without the Work 2 of 26
    Abs Without the Work
    Literally, no effort is needed at all.
    Find out more at Buck and Rob.
  • Face Trainer 3 of 26
    Face Trainer
    Get a ripped face in seconds.
    Find out more at Sky Mall.
  • Air Shorts 4 of 26
    Air Shorts
    Just hop into a fashionable pair of these and you'll be thin, trim, and slim in no time.
    Find out more at Plaid Stallion.
  • Dumbbell Phone 5 of 26
    Dumbbell Phone
    I'd love to hear the law being made against driving with a dumbbell phone.
    Find out more at Gadling.
  • iGallop 6 of 26

    Horses are so last year.
    Watch the infomercial at YouTube.
  • Hand Trainer 7 of 26
    Hand Trainer
    You will be giving high-fives like never before.
    Find out more at Hammacher.
  • Under Clothing Resistance Weights 8 of 26
    Under Clothing Resistance Weights
    It's like you have body armor on that also works you out.
    Find out more at Incredible Things.
  • Tongue Exerciser 9 of 26
    Tongue Exerciser
    For a whole $41 you can get the strongest tongue on the block.
    Find out more at Japan Trend Shop.
  • Hawaii Chair 10 of 26
    Hawaii Chair

    Hula in your chair, and get rock hard abs at the same time. "Hawaii Chair while answering phones."
    Find out more at YouTube.
  • Shake Weight 11 of 26
    Shake Weight

    Shake Weight as you wake.
    Spotted at YouTube.
  • Knife and Fork lift 12 of 26
    Knife and Fork lift
    Keep the food coming, because you're getting a workout that is sure to make a difference.
    Find out more at Knife and Fork Lift.
  • Sauna Suit 13 of 26
    Sauna Suit
    Look like this stud without leaving your couch.
    Buy it for $22.99 at Amazon.
  • Torso Toner 14 of 26
    Torso Toner
    While you strap on your bra, he can strap on this. Comes in more colors!
    Find out more at Sky Mall.
  • Hand Exerciser 15 of 26
    Hand Exerciser
    At this point, you might as well just learn how to play the trumpet.
    Find out more at Sky Mall.
  • Cute Yeah Man Facercise 16 of 26
    Cute Yeah Man Facercise
    This 'Cute' product can be yours for only $196.77.
    Find out more at Rakuten.
  • Velcro Jogger 17 of 26
    Velcro Jogger
    Why do you need to go to a gym when you have a pad of velcro to run on?
    Find out more at Asked Last Night.
  • Tongue Patch 18 of 26
    Tongue Patch
    Get a tongue patch surgically implanted and eating food will be so painful you won't eat a thing.
    Find out more at That's Fit.
  • Neck Slimmer 19 of 26
    Neck Slimmer
    My favorite review, "I feel strain in my neck but no tightening or muscle use in my neck."
    Find out more at Amazon.
  • Vibra Tone 20 of 26
    Vibra Tone
    Vibrate the fat away and eat a cheese burger at the same time.
    Find out more at Deal.
  • My Diet Dinnerware 21 of 26
    My Diet Dinnerware
    Speed eater? Buy this fancy diet dinnerware that will flash green at your for 40 seconds to tell you when to eat and then will flash red at you to put it down and encourage you to talk and socialize. There's a discreet set for you to take to dinner too!
    Find out more at My Diet Dinnerware.
  • Body Blade 22 of 26
    Body Blade

    Feel like a samurai while you work out.
    Find out more at Body Blade.
  • Inversion Rack with Gravity Boots 23 of 26
    Inversion Rack with Gravity Boots
    Get a full work out right in your doorway.
    Find out more at Electronic Chealing.
  • Fanny Lifter 24 of 26
    Fanny Lifter

    Because a stool would be totally different.
    Find out more at YouTube.
  • Free Flexor 25 of 26
    Free Flexor

    I'll let the video explain this flexi dumbbell.
    Find out more at Free Flexor.
  • Diet Shades in Blue 26 of 26
    Diet Shades in Blue
    Snap on your stunna shades and watch your appetite fade away.
    Find out more at Inventor Spot.

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