25 Flattering Fashion Tricks for New Moms

How is it that in only nine months our bodies can go from tight and fit to loosey-goosey? Oh ya, because we grew an entire human inside us. Point being, we’re pretty amazing, but we want to feel that way too. A pair of big sunglasses can be your best friend for keeping you looking stylish, while also stealthily concealing sleep-deprived, under eye bags. A wrap dress is a must-have that defines your waist and gives you a slimming silhouette. Check out all the other 25 Flattering Fashion Tricks for New Moms…

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  • Simple V-Neck 2 of 26
    As long as you avoid the plunging neckline, a simple v-neck can make you look longer and slimmer.
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  • Statement Earrings 3 of 26
    Wear statement earrings to draw the attention to your face and dress up a bad hair day.
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  • Sunglasses 4 of 26
    Wear large sunglasses to hide your sleepy/makeup-less eyes.
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  • Rolled Button-Down 5 of 26
    A chambray button-down is a cute summer look that is great for covering up your arms if you haven't been hitting the gym.
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  • Wrap Dress 6 of 26
    This is a flattering must-have that accentuates all the right places and hides all those trouble spots.
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  • Wedges 7 of 26
    Sandals with a cork sole and slight heel are comfortable but still give you a feminine touch.
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  • High Waisted Jeans 8 of 26
    High waisted jeans can elongate your body and help hide your tummy.
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  • Bra with Support 9 of 26
    There are lots of changes post-pregnancy, make sure you are wearing the correct bra size for the best support.
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  • Ruched Tankini 10 of 26
    A tankini with a gathered bust and flattering ruching gives you coverage and fitted style.
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  • Stretch Belt 11 of 26
    Get a stretch belt to wear for pulling in fabric and accentuating your waistline.
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  • Long Cardigan 12 of 26
    A long knit cardigan is comfortable and stylish. It also works for hiding your bum.
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  • Tank Dress 13 of 26
    Put on a loose tank dress for a summer look that is not too constricting. Wear with a pair of sandals and dress up with heels.
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  • Long Necklace 14 of 26
    Draw attention to a bold statement necklace that highlights your skin and eye color.
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  • 3/4 Sleeve Shirt 15 of 26
    If you're feeling self-conscious about your arms, buy a few 3/4 sleeve shirts to wear this summer.
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  • Contour Makeup 16 of 26
    Makeup does wonders to flatter. Use these contouring tips to define your features.
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  • Big Ring 17 of 26
    Bring the bling and wear a large ring to make your hands look smaller.
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  • Vintage-Inspired Swimsuit 18 of 26
    Get a one piece that doesn't have any extra fabric or short bottoms for a more flattering fit.
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  • Small Prints 19 of 26
    Avoid large patterns and go for small and delicate prints.
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  • Monochromatic 20 of 26
    Go monochromatic from head-to-toe to give your body the look of being longer instead of chopping it up by colors.
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  • Loose T 21 of 26
    Wear loose fitting T-shirt to hide muffin tops.
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  • Wide Belt 22 of 26
    Put on a wide waist belt to define your waist and pull attention away from your mama hips.
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  • Fitted Blazer 23 of 26
    A fitted blazer can help hide those trouble spots, make sure it fits right above the hips or it can look frumpy.
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  • High Waisted Skirt 24 of 26
    A high waisted skirt can make your waist look smaller and your legs longer.
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  • No Pockets 25 of 26
    Jeans without pockets can give your bum a little boost.
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  • Scarf 26 of 26
    Wear a scarf to elongate your torso.
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Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Prudent Baby, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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