25 Funniest Jokes for Kids

Crack the kids up with a bunch of new jokes to turn any frown upside down. There’s a little bit of everything in this mix, from jokes about dinosaurs, to even a few math ones sprinkled here and there. These jokes are sure to get a good laugh from your little ones. One of my favorites is, what kind of shoes do frogs wear? Click through to find out!

Check out the 25 funniest kids jokes here…

  • 25 Funniest Jokes for Kids 1 of 26
    25 funniest jokes for kids

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  • Number Joke 2 of 26

    Here's a trick for learning their numbers.
    Find out more at Childhood Beckons.

  • Tissue Joke 3 of 26

    Add a little humor to their sick day.
    Find out more at Pickle Bums.

  • Banana Joke 4 of 26

    Make your kid laugh with this joke next time you head out in the sun.
    Find out more at Baby Center.

  • Cow Joke 5 of 26

    Taking your kids to see a movie this weekend? Crack them up with this joke on your way.
    Find out more at B-Inspired Mama.

  • Nose Joke 6 of 26

    Crack your kids up with this joke.
    Find out more at Buzzfeed.

  • Cheese Joke 7 of 26

    Here's a great play on words to use at dinnertime.
    Find out more at Baby Center.

  • Porcupine Joke 8 of 26

    This a great one for animal lovers.
    Find out more at Ducksters.

  • Zero Joke 9 of 26

    Looking nice and slim Mr. Eight.
    Find out more at Great Clean Jokes.

  • Egg Joke 10 of 26
    what happens when an egg laughs

    Crack your kid up with this clever joke.
    Find out more at Growing A Jeweled Rose.

  • Snowman Summer Joke 11 of 26

    A great joke to cheer the kids up with this winter.
    Find out more at Kid Spot.

  • Teddy Bear Joke 12 of 26

    Here's a joke to use in the playroom.
    Find out more at Ducksters.

  • Vampire Joke 13 of 26
    vampires favorite fruit

    If it's a big monster, you'll probably have to scream.
    Find out more at Kidspot.

  • Lion Joke 14 of 26

    Good one! 
    Find out more at

  • Pirate Joke 15 of 26

    Tell your kids this joke right before you go on your movie date. 
    Find out more at

  • Gorilla Joke 16 of 26

    It's all about the nose picking.
    Find out more at Ducksters.

  • Blind Dinosaur Joke 17 of 26

    Here's one for the dino fan. 
    Find out more at Kids Acitvities Blog.

  • Ghost Joke 18 of 26

    It may be past Halloween, but this joke never gets old.
    Find out more at Prongo.

  • Orange Joke 19 of 26

    Drink up that orange juice kids.
    Find out more at Boys Who Write.

  • Elf Joke 20 of 26

    This is a great joke to tell during the holidays.
    Find out more at Kid Spot.

  • Clown Joke 21 of 26
    why won't animals

    Clown for dinner, anyone? 
    Find out more at Barry Popik.

  • Bird Joke 22 of 26
    bird in the hospital

    Here's a joke that can help with those pre-doctor jitters.
    Find out more at Growing A Jeweled Rose.

  • Frog Joke 23 of 26

    Try throwing this joke in the morning routine.
    Find out more at Jokes 4 Us.

  • Math Joke 24 of 26
    math book

    Have a little while doing homework with this joke. 
    Find out more at Kidspot.

  • Elevator Joke 25 of 26

    This one always seems to get a good laugh.
    Find out more at Harry the Clown.

  • Snowman Joke 26 of 26

    Here's a great one to get you into the holiday spirit.
    Find out more at Kid Spot.

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