25 Lighter Summer Recipes

This summer switch out your carb heavy meals for something delicious, refreshing, and healthy. Favorites like a pulled pork sandwich or even lobster roll, can be made in a simple lite version. Toss together a sweet and salty salad with prosciutto and lemon. Looking for something more filling? You may want to try making your own lite pizzas or rice bowls.

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  • Vietnamese Summer Rolls 2 of 26

    Enjoy a plate of delicious vietnamese spring rolls as a healthy treat.
    Get the recipe at My Recipes.

  • Herbed Chicken 3 of 26

    Cook up a delicious herbed chicken with ginger, pepper, garlic, and more.
    Get the recipe at Kayotic Kitchen.

  • Shrimp Ratatouille 4 of 26

    Prepare yourself a heaping helping of shrimp ratatouille without worrying about the pounds.
    Get the recipe at Fitness Magazine.

  • Steak Sandwich with Red-Pepper and Pesto Sauce with Slaw 5 of 26

    In the mood for a sandwich? this healthy meal will definitely satisfy that craving.
    Get the recipe at Fitness Magazine.

  • Baked Tomatoes with Quinoa, Corn, and Green Chiles 6 of 26

    Bake up these hot and stuffed tomatoes for a delicious meatless meal.
    Get the recipe at Cooking Light.

  • Lettuce Wraps with Hoisin-Peanut Sauce 7 of 26

    Prepare a helping of lettuce wraps in under an hour for your guests to enjoy.
    Get the recipe at Cooking Light.

  • Lobster Roll 8 of 26

    At only 272 calories, a lobster roll never tasted so good.
    Get the recipe at Cooking Light.

  • Melon and Prosciutto Salad with Parmigiano-Reggiano 9 of 26

    Get your fill of sweet and salty with this summer salad.
    Get the recipe at My Recipes.

  • Light Pulled-Pork 10 of 26

    Prepare a delicious pulled-pork burger without feeling weighed down after.
    Get the recipe at Cooking Channel.

  • Orange Chicken Stir-Fry with Spicy Chickpeas 11 of 26

    Feel rejuvenated after eating up a bowl of this summer treat.
    Get the recipe at Fort Mill, SC Living.

  • Key West Spicy Chicken 12 of 26

    Give your chicken a kick with Key West Spicy Chicken.
    Get the recipe at The Iron You.

  • Crockpot Honey Ginger Chicken 13 of 26

    Who needs takeout when you can prepare a lean meal right at home.
    Get the recipe at The Skinny Fork.

  • Cheesy Mushroom Chicken 14 of 26

    The name might not sound lite, but this delectable dinner is only 201 calories per serving. Eat up!
    Get the recipe at Callie Cooks.

  • Cauliflower Crust Calzone 15 of 26

    Instead of ordering a pizza, make yourself a healthy cauliflower crust calzone .
    Get the recipe at The Iron You.

  • Grilled Ratatouille Muffuletta 16 of 26

    Enjoy a little New Orleans flavor with a French twist on this summer sandwich.
    Get the recipe at The Iron You.

  • Tofu and Pork Rice Bowl 17 of 26

    Enjoy a rice bowl rich in flavor with this simple recipe.
    Get the recipe at Hungry Brownie.

  • Cottage Cheese and Spelt Dessert with Peaches and Pistachios 18 of 26

    The name pretty much sums up the sweet flavor combination of this summer dessert.
    Get the recipe at A Tasty Love Story.

  • Fiesta Pasta Salad & Chile Lime Vinaigrette 19 of 26

    Whether you're going to a BBQ or just looking for a quick and delicious meal, this pasta salad is perfect for any occasion.
    Get the recipe at The Skinny Fork.

  • Kale, Mushroom, and Sun-Dried Tomato Lasagna Rolls 20 of 26

    No need to give up your noodles when you want a low-calorie meal. This heaping helping of lasagna is only 160.1 calories per serving.
    Get the recipe at Cookin' Canuck.

  • Stuffed Focaccia with Arugula, Feta, and Sun-Dried Tomatoes 21 of 26

    Prepare this tasty lunch and head out on a summer picnic.
    Get the recipe at The Iron You.

  • Greek Chicken Quinoa 22 of 26

    Enjoy a refreshing meal with this flavorful salad.
    Get the recipe at Callie Cooks.

  • Caramelized Banana French Toast 23 of 26

    Start your day with a sweet treat without all the fat.
    Get the recipe at Whipped Baking.

  • Portobello Burger with White Bean Spread 24 of 26

    Opt out the beef for a healthy portobello mushroom, to make a delicious burger that is low in calories.
    Get the recipe at Fort Mill SC Living.

  • Asian Chicken Salad and Sesame Soy Dressing 25 of 26

    Add this Asian Chicken Salad to your weekly dinners to cut down on calories.
    Get the recipe at Bake at Midnite.

  • Smoked Salmon Pitta Pizza 26 of 26

    Make your own pitta pizza with salmon, capers, onions, dill, and cream cheese.
    Get the recipe at Lavender and Lovage.

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