25 Passive Agressive Gifts For Your Boss

Find the “perfect” gift for your boss with this list of helpful gifts. Have a boss that is sadly still rocking the Movember stache? Give him a new, slick shave kit. For the boss that doesn’t quite know the meaning of manners, give him or her a guide in the right direction with a manners book. There’s a little something for every type of boss out there. These 25 passive aggressive gifts for your boss can be your little way at sending a not-so-subtle message to the head honcho.

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  • Megaphone 2 of 26

    For the boss that thinks yelling is better than talking.
    Buy it for $17.99 at Amazon.

  • Twitter for Dummies 3 of 26

    Give the gift of social media to the boss who doesn't quite have this whole thing down.
    Buy it for $6.92 at Amazon.

  • Modern Manners 4 of 26

    Perfect gift for the "know-it-all" boss that might need another lesson in manners.
    Buy it for $16.07 at Amazon.

  • Baking Basics 5 of 26

    For the boss that brings in their homemade baked goodies that might not be so good….
    Buy it for $7 at Amazon.

  • Abundant Bundle of Treats 6 of 26

    Is your boss constantly on a diet they always talk about? Surprise them with this huge bundle of treats they won't be able to resist.
    Buy it for $129.99 at From You Flowers.

  • Charity Donation 7 of 26

    Is your boss wrapped up in material things? They would love nothing more than a donation made in their name to a charity.
    Donation of your choice at Just Give.

  • Subscription 8 of 26

    For that boss that never stops talking about his/her dating life.
    Buy it for $29.99 at

  • Parenting Book 9 of 26

    For the boss that doesn't spend enough time with his/her kids, and expects you not to either.
    Buy it for $10.41 at Amazon.

  • Dental Kit 10 of 26

    Fix that boss with bad breath with this dental kit.
    Buy it for $6 at Amazon.

  • Travel + Leisure Magazine Subscription 11 of 26

    Does your boss need a serious vacation? Send him/her a hint with a subscription to a travel magazine. Before you know his/her bags will be packed. 
    Buy it for $24 at Travel + Leisure.

  • Borrow My Pen Set 12 of 26

    Does your boss always steal your pens? Give him/her a set of their own.
    Buy it for $5 at Amazon.

  • World’s Best Boss Mug 13 of 26

    Let your boss think what they want to think.
    Buy it for $14.50 at Amazon.

  • Happy Face Stress Ball 14 of 26

    Send a "you need to chill out" message with this smiley face stress ball.
    Buy it for $5.45 at Amazon.

  • Simple Stickies – Nag Note 15 of 26

    Send a not-so-subtle hint with these nag notes.
    Buy it for $3.99 at Amazon.

  • Shave Kit 16 of 26

    Tell him the movember stache has got to go with a shave kit. 
    Buy it for $37.25 at Amazon.

  • Rogaine 17 of 26

    Give him the gift that nicely says, "I am sick of looking at your shiny head."
    Buy it for $48.75 at Amazon.

  • Lunch Box 18 of 26

    Encourage your boss to bring his/her own lunch instead of eating yours.
    Buy it for $11.54 at Amazon.

  • Deodorant 19 of 26

    The sure fire way to send the message of "You smell. You smell BAD. Please do something about it".
    Buy it for $3.88 at Amazon.

  • Odor Eaters 20 of 26

    Here's a little something for the boss that gets a little too comfy at work and kicks of his shoes.
    Buy it for $3.89 at All Star Health.

  • Better Than A Boyfriend Soap 21 of 26

    Let them wash away their loneliness night after night.
    Buy it for $6 at

  • Glitter 22 of 26

    Have a neat freak on your hands? How about you write them a card and fill the envelope with glitter that will undoubtebly get all over their desk.
    Buy it for $15 at Amazon.

  • Prank Pack 23 of 26

    The perfect packaging for any boss you want to see cringe. So many different options, too little time. 
    Buy it for $8 at Prank Pack.

  • Wrap-A-Nap 24 of 26

    For the boss you always catch snoozin' on the job.
    Buy it for $14.99 at Wrap-A-Nap.

  • Wrongulator 25 of 26

    Frustrate the heck out of your number crunching boss with an always wrong calculator.
    Buy it for $7 at Amazon.

  • Gun Shaped Flash Drive 26 of 26

    Have a boss that travels a lot? Help them get through security with ease with this gun shaped flash drive.
    Buy it for $14 at Brando.

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