25 Summer Nail Art Trends + Tutorials

Summer is the time to show off your fingers and toes. Give yourself a stylish mani or pedi that actually accessorizes your hot summer look. Try out the Gatsby-inspired art deco nails or striped neon nails. Learn how to get nautical stripes and fireworks just in time for the 4th of July. We’ve got color trends and patterns that are sure to make a splash in the 25 Summer Nail Art Trends + Tutorials…

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  • Firework Fingertips 2 of 26

    Give yourself a patriotic nail for the fourth.
    Check it out at Pretty Prudent.

  • Newspaper Nails 3 of 26

    Pay homage to your summer book club with some newsprint nails.
    Check it out at Beautylish.

  • Star Nails 4 of 26

    Stencil stars on your nails in any color.
    Find out more at Chalkboard Nails.

  • Scalloped Nails 5 of 26

    Ombre your nails with pretty scallops.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Great Gatsby Nails 6 of 26

    Gold, black, and the 20s are all hot trends which translate to incredible nail art too.
    Find out more at Nail in the Coffee.

  • Friendship Bracelet 7 of 26

    Instead of making friendship bracelets just get together and paint some on your nails.
    Spotted at My Awesome Beauty.

  • Map Nails 8 of 26

    Give yourself a map mani for your upcoming road trip.
    Find out more at Sarah's Scoop.

  • Nautical Nails 9 of 26

    These blue stripes with the red nails give a nautical manicure that's also fit for the fourth.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Color Blocked Nails 10 of 26

    If you can't decide on a color, use 3 to color block your nails.
    Find out more at Chalkboard Nails.

  • Coral + Gold 11 of 26

    Geometric coral and gold is a fun summer mash up.
    Find out more at My Awesome Beauty.

  • Hibiscus Flower 12 of 26

    Beautiful hibiscus floral nail art for the beach.
    Find out more at Precious Polish.

  • Cupcake Mani 13 of 26

    Sophicate a cupcake mani with a little black jacket.
    Find out more at Nail in the Coffee.

  • Glitter Stud Nails 14 of 26

    Go simple with some polka dots then glam them up with glitter.
    Find out more at The Glitter Guide.

  • Gradient Dots 15 of 26

    Have some fun with gradient bubble nail art.
    Find out more at Chalkboard Nails.

  • Floral Nails 16 of 26

    Add some summer whimsy with floral nails.
    Find out more at Burkatron.

  • Fishtail Braid 17 of 26

    Fix your hair in a braid and paint a fishtail braid on your nails.
    Find out more at Precious Polish.

  • Two Toned 18 of 26

    Give yourself a french manicure with pink on pink.
    Find out more at The Glitter Guide.

  • Sporty Stripes 19 of 26

    Get sporty stripes before your sand volleyball game.
    Find out more at Love Maegan.

  • Dalmatian Spots 20 of 26

    Black and white with spots all over.
    Find out more at This Fashion is Mine.

  • Picnic Nails 21 of 26

    Give yourself cute picnic nails for your day at the park.
    Find out more at Beauty High.

  • Geometric Nails 22 of 26

    Use summer pastels for some geometric nails.
    Find out more at Pshiiit.

  • 90s Nails 23 of 26

    Graffiti splatter never looked so good.
    Find out more at Burkatron.

  • Summer Nights 24 of 26

    This golden manicure is perfect for a summer night out.
    Find out more at Lucy's Stash.

  • Watermelon Nails 25 of 26

    Paint some watermelon slices on your nails.
    Find out more at One Sheepish Girl.

  • Sunset Beach 26 of 26

    Capture the beautiful colors of the sunset on your nails.
    Find out more at Chickettes.

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