25 Things to Do with Your Kids in Your Own City

25 Things to Do With Your Kids In Your Own City

Remember when you were a kid and it was summer break? Those three months stretched out before you, and it felt like it was going to last forever.

Now? As parents? We know that some of the days will be long, but the summer itself will zip past. There are a lot of hours to fill … which also means lots of opportunities for memories to be made.

Summer is upon us, friends!

Need some inspiration as to what to do when the, “Mom, I’m bored!” monster strikes at the same time when you find yourself with an hour or afternoon to spare? Or maybe you want to plan a few special days with your kids this summer without breaking the bank? Perhaps this summer you aren’t taking a family vacation and want to create some special excursions with your kids?

No matter what your situation, or where you live, some of these 25 ideas are sure to be a fit for your family.

  1. Ride a bus loop and take photos of interesting sites.
  2. Attend a professional sporting event.
  3. Find out the discount days at the local museums and hit every one in a week.
  4. Visit local landmarks like a tourist.
  5. Rent a bike and tour a local park.
  6. Spend a day at the library without your cell phone or any other electronics.
  7. Volunteer at a local animal shelter spending time with the animals waiting for a home.
  8. Hop in the car and drive to that distant park you’ve never gone to but always thought was pretty.
  9. Spend the night in a local hotel; get room service for dinner and breakfast and spend your time swimming in the pool and watching movies.
  10. Fill your pockets up with change and visit as many fountains as you can; make ridiculous wishes in each of them.
  11. Go to two movies in one afternoon. This is a great one to save for a particularly hot day.
  12. Take a cooking class at a local grocery store or boutique that sells cookware.
  13. Plant an herb garden, either in containers for your kitchen or outside if climate permits.
  14. Research the history of your city and find the oldest standing building; take a visit inside if possible or just drive by if not. Imagine all of the stories that structure could tell.
  15. Spread out a blanket and look at the clouds together for an hour, pointing out everything you find.
  16. Go to the zoo.
  17. Have one meal in multiple restaurants: appetizer in one, salad in another, main course in a third, dessert in yet another, and coffee/tea in the last.
  18. Take a class through a bookstore.
  19. Attend a fundraiser for a nonprofit.
  20. Pick in-season produce at a local family farm.
  21. Start a bookclub.
  22. Play basketball, tennis, frisbee golf, or whatever is available to you for free at your public parks.
  23. Research to see if any area factories do free tours. You’ll be surprised at how interesting they are!
  24. Spend time visiting with the elderly in a nursing home. Often they just want someone to listen to their stories … do that, and remember them.
  25. Tour your city’s local access radio and/or TV station.

How do you make memories with your family in your hometown over summer vacation? Share in the comments!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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