25 Ways to Put a Creative Twist on School Lunches

Have some fun with school lunches by adding a creative twist. Turn grapes into a very hungry caterpillar and carve designs into apples. Show your little ones how much you love them by making a heart into strawberries or hard boiled eggs.

Get all the fun and easy ideas in these 25 Ways to Put a Creative Twist on School Lunches…

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  • Sushi Sandwich Rolls 2 of 26

    Roll up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into sushi rolls.
    Find out more at Jif.

  • Cookie Cutter Sandwiches 3 of 26

    Use cookie cutters to make shapes out of their sandwiches.
    Find out more at Express Yourself Creatively.

  • Character Cheese 4 of 26

    Use cheese and the wrappers to make fun little characters.
    Find out more at Cute Food for Kids.

  • Edible Markers 5 of 26

    Have fun with edible markers by writing messages or little doodles on their food.
    Find out more at Cute Food for Kids.

  • Butterfly Snacks 6 of 26

    Make colorful clothespins with antennas and googly eyes to turn their snacks into butterflies.
    Find out more at Juggling with Kids.

  • Pretzel Rings 7 of 26

    Make homemade pretzels in the shape of rings they can wear.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Rice Bear 8 of 26

    Rice can be used to make little creatures like bears and cats.
    Find out more at Nature Box.

  • Cheese Tulips 9 of 26

    Make a garden of flowers using cheese and the wax wrapper.
    Find out more at Cute Food for Kids.

  • Colorful Rice 10 of 26

    Turn rice different colors by adding a drop of food coloring to it.
    Find out more at Bento of Fun Lunch.

  • Heart Eggs 11 of 26

    Learn how to turn their hard boiled eggs into fun shapes.
    Find out more at Anna The Red.

  • Bananagrams 12 of 26

    Use toothpicks to write messages into your child's banana peel.
    Find out more at Cute Food for Kids.

  • Grape Caterpillars 13 of 26

    Put several grapes onto a skewer and add in chocolate eyes.
    Check it out at Instructables.

  • A Little Message 14 of 26

    Integrate your little note with their meal.
    Find out more at Family Fresh Meals.

  • Sport Lunch 15 of 26

    Prepare a lunch that is based around their favorite sport
    Find out more at Bento School Lunches.

  • Sprinkle Sandwiches 16 of 26

    Cut out shapes from bread with a cookie cutter and fill the hole with sprinkles on peanut butter.
    Find out more at Any Mommy Out There.

  • Kitty Pizzas 17 of 26

    Bake mini pizzas in the shapes of kittens.
    Find out more at Mod Cat Love.

  • Cupcake Liner Lunchables 18 of 26

    Use colorful cupcake liners to separate the food in their lunches.
    Find out more at Family Fresh Meals.

  • Education and Food 19 of 26

    Use cheese to cut out letters and numbers.
    Find out more at Family Fresh Meals.

  • Fruit Pops 20 of 26

    Instead of lollipops use cookie cutters to make fruit shapes and put them on lollipop sticks.
    Find out more at Bakers Royale.

  • Full of Hearts 21 of 26

    Cut out the top of the strawberries to turn them into sweet hearts.
    Find out more at Huffington Post.

  • Apple Puzzle 22 of 26

    Cut their apple into a puzzle they get to assemble at lunch time.
    Find out more at Cute Food for Kids.

  • Apple Carvings 23 of 26

    Use an x-acto knife to carve fun shapes into their apples. Find out how you can also keep their apples from turning brown
    Find out more at Cute Food for Kids.

  • Marshmallow Critters 24 of 26

    Use marshmallows to make a sweet treat to add to their lunch.
    Find out more at Cute Food for Kids.

  • Buggy Bug Lunch 25 of 26

    Hide a little bug in their sandwich they will actually be happy to see.
    Find out more at Meet the Dubiens.

  • Easter Egg Lunches 26 of 26

    Recycle your plastic eggs by using them to hold snacks.
    Find out more at Neat 2 Eat.

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