3 Reasons Organic Dairy Is Worth It

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Food costs seem to be rising by the day, and it’s rare to find sales and coupons on organic milk, cheese and yogurt, at least at my local small-town grocery. So while I’ve always favored organic dairy in my heart, lately I’ve been wondering if it’s really worth it to spring for organic milk and yogurt – or if I should just grab whatever is on sale.

But after my last trip to the supermarket, I took a close look at my receipts, did some research, considered all the factors, and reminded myself of these three reasons why it’s totally worth it to buy organic dairy:

1. Toxins are stored in fat. Residues from pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics can “hide out” in fat, and whole dairy products – the  kind that babies and kids thrive on – have a lot of it! Organic dairy cows are raised under strict rules that limit their exposure to toxins and are also more humane to the animals. All a good reason to put dairy at the top of the list when it comes to prioritizing organics.

2. Milk, yogurt, eggs and cheese represent a small percentage of our overall food bill. Out of my $150 or so weekly grocery budget, I generally spend less than 10 – 15% in the dairy aisle. While a carton of organic milk may cost 2-3 dollars more than conventional, it still doesn’t significantly increase my food bill, and I can make up for those extra dollars by shopping more carefully in other areas of the store and reducing food waste. And the price difference between conventional and organic yogurt isn’t really that much when you look at the big picture.

3. It just tastes better. Have you ever noticed that conventional milk sometimes tastes like…nothing? And processed yogurt often tastes like fillers and fake sugar? To my taste buds, organic dairy products are just plain yummier, and that alone might be reason enough to pay a little more.

Like this topic? Keep checking back: over the next two weeks, I’ll be delving into humane farming, the nutritiousness of organic versus conventional foods, and also offering strategies for saving money on organic dairy.

If you’re a fan of organic dairy, what are your biggest reasons?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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