3 Ways to Keep Up Good Oral Hygiene for Kids

As a parent of 3 little kids, it can be a struggle to keep on track of my children’s oral hygiene. And through this summer, our schedule has been so wishy-washy it’s been hard to stay on top of any routine. But I’m deteremined to get back on track especially for back to school. If I do, it will save us in time, money, and extra visits to the dentist!

Here are 3 ways to help us keep on track to good oral hygiene: 

1. Establish a Routine: If you can start and “stick” to a daily routine for your teeth, you’ll be set to good oral hygiene. Try to do the same thing each day. Maybe it’s wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and then get back pack ready for school! Or maybe night time is your way to stay on task. Put on the pj’s, brush and rinse the kids teeth, then time for a bedtime story! However you set up your schedule, try you best to do it each day.

2. Teeth Charts: Something that will help you stay on the routine path is making a daily teeth chart. Create or print out a fun teeth chart, hang it in the kid’s bathroom, and make sure they can mark what they did for the day. Here is a printable download from Listerine Kids: Printable Calendar

3. Visit the Dentist Regularly: This might seem silly to list, but it’s a big one to keeping up with good oral hygiene. We recently moved to a new city and it took me almost a whole year before I scheduled our dental appointments with a new dentist. Find one you like, ask around who’s the best, and then MAKE THE APPOINTMENT! If you can get your family in to the dentist twice a year, you’re on the road to keeping up with good oral hygiene for you and your kids.

How are you sticking with a schedule and keeping to a good oral hygiene routine?

Disclosure: I received products from Johnson & Johnson as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® Kids Cavity-Free School Year Program. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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