30 Days of Dads

Tomorrow is the first day of June, a special month to be certain. For starters, June means summer. Yes, most of the kids (all, even?) have already traded their text books for flip flops, but still, for me, summer has always started the moment June begins. Which means summer begins tomorrow. And when I was a kid, summertime was epic.

Boat rides, grill marks, sprinklers, sparklers, beach trips, cicadas, fireworks, swimming pools, cannonballs, bare feet, late-night TV, late-morning cereal, rope swings, lemonade, nutty buddies, kick the can and maybe even an unfortunate pair of “jorts” or two. Tough to say. But if true? Gimme a break. It was the 80s.

Ah, the carefree days of summer. Where on earth did you go?

Because now that I’m on the other side of the summer-fence, the side reserved for the parents, I’ve come to realize that summer’s kinda rough. You know, with the whole “kids and no structure” thing. But just because summer isn’t quite as easy and carefree as it once was is no reason to kick June to the curb. It’s still a wonderful month, if for no other reason that it’s the month that features Father’s Day. And I don’t know about you, but I’m all about a day dedicated to me. (Note to kids: I like my coffee black and my reading uninterrupted…)

But how about a whole month dedicated to dads? Sound too good to be true? Well think again because that’s what Jason Avant and company are doing over at DadCentric this month. I know. Each and every month is dedicated to dads on a kick-ass dad blog like DadCentric. But THIS month, DadCentric is upping the ante with “30 Days of Dads” whereby they’ll feature a different guest DadBlogger each weekday for the entire month.

I highly encourage you to check them out so you can hear from a number of talented folks who occupy the section of cyberspace reserved for the dads. There are some fantastic guest bloggers lined up: the guys from DadLabs and How To Be A Dad, Armin Brott, Polly Pagenhart to name but a few. Oh, and there’s also likely to be a surprise guest or two along the way.

So, again, celebrate this month in style by soaking up all the fatherly wisdom of 30 Days of Dads over at DadCentric.

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