38 Weeks… and Terrified.

Don't let this image fool you - my knees are knocking!

My due date to welcome my first little one – a sweet daughter – is a short two weeks away, and you guys? I’m terrified. Pings of anxiety are shooting back and forth through my body like a pinball machine of crazy. How will I keep up with the laundry? Burp cloths, swaddling blankets, diaper changes, crib sheets, onesies, general fabric explosion? And as a woman who hates to cook, I can’t really expect that my maternal chef instincts will just switch on with the release of oxytocin, can I?

It’s just cold feet, right?

I mean, as nervous as I am, there are moments of pure elation where I simply can’t wait to envision my life as a mother. With another plus one to add to my wedding RSVPs. Another seat at the dining room table. Another pair of flip flops by the door on a hot summer day.

But then the fear creeps in. Another mouth to feed. Another distraction when I’m in the middle of a marathon work session. Another body to corral while trying to get out the door.

I can do it, right? This is all in my head? I keep telling myself that every mother goes through this when their baby’s due date approaches, and that in between charlie horses and pee breaks, a small voice sometimes asks them how they’ll be able to juggle it all.

That small voice is extra loud today, and I’m trying my best to ignore it. But tell me – how did you juggle it all? What are your tips for first-time mothers? Forget the laundry and focus on the snuggles? Hire a cleaning lady? Order in and sacrifice your nutritional needs for a few weeks? What’s the magic formula?

Or do I simply enter sleep-deprived robot mode and just try to get by? Wing it and do the best I can? Not over-think it?

Advice welcome, needed, appreciated, needed and OH SO NEEDED.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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