4 Characteristics of a Truly Great Marriage Mentor

Marriage Mentor

I think that every married couple should surround themselves with people that are supportive of their marriage (your marriage village.) And if possible, find marriage mentors that can support you in your marriage journey. We have been lucky enough to find several couples that pour into our lives and marriage. One such couple is Carlos and Katherine Green. I just told Lamar the other day that we were blessed to have them in our lives and that I considered them as marriage mentors. And, here’s why:

They are living by example.

They not only talk the talk … but they walk the walk. Carlos and Katherine are truly an example of a loving, respectful, and supportive couple. They’ve been married for over 22 years, and they still enjoy each other’s company. Your marriage mentors should be people with relationships that you aspire to have. You don’t want a person mentoring you that is not capable of sustaining a healthy relationship.

They provide great advice.

Your marriage mentors should give advice that is in the best interest of your marriage. They will not only encourage you and help you find solutions to your problems, but they will also tell you the truth and hold you accountable for your actions.

They pray for our marriage.

During one of our conversations, Carlos told us that he and Katherine are always praying for our marriage. It felt so comforting to know that we have people that are praying on our behalf. They are literally thinking about our marriage and well-being, even when we are not with them. Your marriage mentors will want the best for your marriage.

They share their experiences.

Carlos and Katherine have had their share of challenges throughout their 22 years of marriage. And they have no problem sharing their lessons learned in hopes that their testimony will help someone else.

Imagine if everyone had marriage mentors such as Katherine and Carlos to support their marriages, to give them good advice, to provide great examples, and to pray for them. I definitely think we would have more successful marriages. Don’t you?

Do you have marriage mentors?

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