40 Creative Bedtime Excuses

hMy children have a lot of reasons that they can’t or won’t go to sleep. I mean really, they’re endless but also, creative. I have to give credit where credit is due so here are 40 of my kids’ creative bedtime excuses.

1. There’s a fly in my room.

2. I’m wondering what time you’re going to bed.

3. There’s no ice in my water and I clearly stated that I wanted ice water.

4. This is the wrong cup for my water.

5. My knee hurts.

6. My lips are chapped.

7. I’m still thirsty.

8. The tag in my jammies is bothering me.

9. “I’m having a bad dream. ” But, you haven’t fallen asleep yet. “Well, I’m scared I’m going to have a bad dream”

10. The ice in my water melted.

11. I think someone stole my blankie.

12. I’m itchy.

13. I’m wondering when we can go to Disneyland again.

14. I’m worried you’re going to watch America’s Got Talent without me.

15. My hair feels funny.

16. I’m hungry.

17. But I’m really hungry.

18. I’m still kind of hungry.

19. I’m wondering if kangaroos bite.

20. Am I allergic to anything?

21. “You forgot to give me dessert tonight.” “No, I didn’t. You had cookies.” “Oh yeah. Never mind.”

22. I smell brownies.

23. I want to sleep in your room.

24. My CD is skipping.

25. You didn’t tuck me in.

26. My brain is talking to me.

27. My lamp is too loud.

28. I’m going to miss you too much when I’m sleeping!

29. My socks are too tight.

30. There’s a penny in my bed.

31. I need one more story.

32. You’re making too much noise.

34. My tongue feels too big for my mouth.

35. I’m worried that JLo is going to return as a judge to American Idol.

36. Can I just have one more little teeny snack?

37. It’s not dark enough outside.

38. I have a sore throat.

39. I took my socks off because they were too tight but now my feet are cold.

40. Okay fine, I’m going to go to sleep…as soon as I have one more thing to eat before I starve to death for crying out loud!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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