5 Benefits to Recovering From Surgery: the Dad Edition

Honey, push that button and tell them I need some help.

So tomorrow I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled. No. I’ve never had them pulled. Right. I don’t get it, either. Something about some “school of thought” my childhood dentist belonged to. Namely one that said “if they’re not bothering you, then don’t get them pulled.”

Anyway, I’ll spare you the glamorous details except to tell you this: a couple of them are mostly impacted which means they’re basically impossible to keep clean which is exactly why they finally have to go. That and the threat of infection, which means that I fall into a school of thought myself.

The one that thinks that my childhood dentist’s school of thought totally sucks.

Did I mention that I’ll be going under for this procedure due to the fact so many are getting pulled at once? And did I mention that I’m super scared of going under? And of pain? Did I mention that?

And did I happen to tell you that I hate taking pain pills to alleviate such pain because one minute you’re just sittin’ there minding your own business, and the next you’re suddenly crying at the end of Home Alone?

This despite the fact you didn’t even realize you’d been watching it till the first tear wandered aimlessly down your cheek?

Anyhoo, such is the future that stands directly before me. And, as you can probably tell, I’m dreading it. Which is exactly why I’ve stayed super-busy right up to the 11th hour. To keep my mind off this unfortunate situation.

So here I sit, fulfilling the last of my many commitments before checking out for a few days. And I’m, you know, scared shitless.

But there’s no time for such fear right now. Because I’m too busy writing this post. The one that will break down the five most positive things about recovering from the aftermath of this dental nightmare.

After all, I gotta spin this thing, right?

  • I get to sleep in 1 of 5
    I get to sleep in
    How pathetic is this? I'm actually kinda looking forward to the recovery because I get to sleep in. I know. It's weird. But 5-year-old triplets and an infant can do a sneaky little number on one's sleeping patterns.
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  • I get a hall pass on caring for the kids 2 of 5
    I get a hall pass on caring for the kids
    Exactly why I'm sleeping in, obviously. So, more good news for me, and more tough news for my feisty wife who'll have these four, plus baby Luke to contend with. She can handle it, though. She's a tough cookie in part because she's married to me, which doesn't come without its fair share of challenges.
    (pic from a beach trip this summer)
  • TV duties 3 of 5
    TV duties
    Yep. About the only parenting I'll really be doing is watching TV with them. Which, believe it or not, usually kinda bugs me. But you get me all hopped up on opiates and I'll turn that frown upside down, y'all. Because for once, I'll be the one annoying THEM with my SpongeBob habit.
    Seriously. They'll be amazed how loudly I'll bust out WHOOOOO lives in a pineapple under the sea? Amazed, too, at how OFTEN.
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  • Maybe a game here or there 4 of 5
    Maybe a game here or there
    Which'll be fine. Because I love playing games with the triplets. OH. Except for one thing. They tend to try to cheat a bit. (I know. I think they get it from Caroline.) But the good news is that in my condition, I'll hardly even notice, much less care. I'll be too busy trying to figure out how I'm gonna talk Caroline into letting me do an overnight backpacking trip up Gum Drop Mountain and back.
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  • Some free time to write 5 of 5
    Some free time to write
    Everyone's in school. Even little Luke. Which means that during the day, I'll have plenty of time to write. And I love to write. So, I'll just put on my hoodie and BOOM, tap into my inner Hemingway.
    WHOA. DOOOOOOOD. That Q is FREAKING me out, man.
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