5 Best Satirical Frozen Parody Videos

Do you have children? Then you are familiar with the movie Frozen.

Have you been in public in the past three months or turned on a TV or radio or gone online at all? Then you are familiar with the movie Frozen.

Do you breath? Then you are familiar with the movie Frozen.

And if you’re familiar with the movie Frozen, then you know that the songs are infections. Like, seriously, really, crazy infectious.

Just in case you can’t get enough of Frozen, I’ve gathered 5 of the best Frozen parodies out there.


5 Best Satirical Frozen Parody Videos

1. Let It Go – Mom Parady

Since most parents are constantly hearing our kids sing this song, this parody makes perfect sense. It’s pretty much the score to the movie that is a mom’s life these days, being a combination of Frozen tunes and well, being a mom.

Best line, “Screaming never bothered me anyway.”

2. Cute Kitten Version of Frozen

So this video is just full of cuteness. The whole story told with kitties “acting” the parts and an adorable sounding little girl explaining the plot. Nothing not to love!

Best line, “But then Hans is a bad guy. Very bad!”

3. Do You Want to Get off Tumblr?


Yup. We all know this feeling. Whether Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook or G+ or Plurk (anyone remember Plurk? Heh.) … sometimes these online destinations really do keep us locked all alone in a room, huh? Or people we love are spending a wee bit too much time online. This video tells that story in a very entertaining and humorous way.

Best line, “Will you follow me on Tumblr?”

4. Google Translate Sings, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

What happens when you run lyrics through Google translator from English to German, Chinese, Korean, Swedish, Japanese, Nepalese, Greek, Icelandic and a few others then back to English? Pretty hilarious and occasionally thought-provoking new lyrics!

Best line, “Would you like to build a Yeti?”

5. A Frozen Father

No matter how amazing and moving a song is, sometimes? When you’ve heard it nonstop? For months on end? You just might go a little nutty. This dad sums it up pretty well.

Best line, “My wife and kids now sing this song morning, nights, and in between.”

BONUS! Do You Wanna Go See Frozen

I love this video because it shows just how much people love this movie … these two friends manage to capture that feeling in this video. While it’s not as polished production-wise as some (they say that up front in the description), it’s quite adorable. Plus these two are quite funny, have wonderful voices, and the best facial expressions.

Best line, “Nobody else will go now. It’s just you and me. Come on…just one more time!”

Do you have a favorite Frozen song? Or parody? Or good friend with whom you love to see movies and make parodies with? Share in the comments!

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