5 DIY Tools Worth Splurging On

My favorite thing about Do-It-Yourself projects is that I become self sufficient.  And when I am self-sufficient….I save money! There are five tools that I own that are definitely worth investing in because you’ll make back your investment many times over. I’ve used these five tools to make everything from home decor to gifts to last minute costumes. I even use them to make items to sell to make some extra money.

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Add these tools to your Christmas list this year!

  • Silhouette Machine 1 of 6
    Silhouette Machine
    A Silhouette Machine. The Silhouette Machine can easily cut paper, fabric stickers etc for unlimited uses. You can make everything from stickers to stencils to stationary to advent calendars. It's really pretty amazing. The Silhouette Machine ranges from $199 to $299 depending on the model.
  • Screen Printing Kit 2 of 6
    Screen Printing Kit
    A Screen Printing Kit. You can learn to print your own t-shirts, artwork, tote bags, home decor and more. A Speedball Screen Printing Kit from Dharma Trading is $49.95.
  • Rotary Tool 3 of 6
    Rotary Tool
    A Dremel rotary tool has so many uses. You can carve designs into wood and rocks and even engrave your name into items for security. You can also use it for pet grooming! A basic Dremel set with attachments starts at $78.99.
  • Sewing Machine 4 of 6
    Sewing Machine
    A Sewing Machine. You can make simple pillows and other DIY home decor or even make your own clothes! It's easy to teach yourself too. I've tried out most brands and I love my 30 year old Bernina our of all of them. Check your sewing and vacuum stores for a refurbished machine for a great deal.
  • Camera Lens 5 of 6
    Camera Lens
    Camera Lenses. Do you have a digital SLR camera kit? Try upgrading your lens to start getting better photos with that cool blurry background. Then you can use those photos for DIY cards, artwork, gifts etc. A fixed 50mm f/1.4 is a great every day lens. For a Canon, the 50mm lens starts at about $336.
  • Silhouette Project Ideas 6 of 6
    Silhouette Project Ideas
    Want to see a sample of what you can make using a Silhouette? Click here to check out these 20 projects I've used the machine for!

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