5 Father’s Day Cards for the Real World

coverEvery time a card-buying holiday rolls around I try to buy one and I have no luck. The cards are all kind of lame and they’re so expensive. It drives me crazy.

Also, add in the fact that Father’s Day is really hard for me. I have no idea what to get for my husband. The really worst part is that he is awesome and deserves an amazing day. If I were a good wife, I would already be planning something mind-blowing for next year. I would buy him a really cool piece of crap vintage muscle car and then somehow get the dudes on Overhaulin’ to fix it all up for him. Something like that.

This year, I fear, is going to be lame. In fact, I should go right now and brainstorm amazing things to do for him. Or I could just make up a bunch of really inappropriate Father’s day cards and put them on the internet. That works, too.

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  • Yummy. Crunchy eggs! 1 of 5
    Yummy. Crunchy eggs!
  • Sorry about it getting so big. 2 of 5
    Sorry about it getting so big.
  • Wait – what’s a nap, again? 3 of 5
    Wait - what's a nap, again?
  • Just kidding. I need $500. 4 of 5
    Just kidding. I need $500.
  • Yes. This is really happening. 5 of 5
    Yes. This is really happening.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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