11 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Dad

Kelty Loeveseat Camp ChairGetting my dad a Father’s Day gift was always easy. It was either a golf shirt, a John Wayne movie or a book about the Old West. These days it’s a gift card. Buying gifts for my husband is another story. There are few presents I’ve given him for any holiday over the past decade that he hasn’t returned. There was the watch that hooked up to his cell phone so he could see who was calling (he returned it because it was almost as big as a cell phone), there were the bowling shirts (I’m not a hipster!), and then there was  whatever tech gadget that Wired was highlighting at the time.

Once we discovered camping it got a little easier. We didn’t have a lot of camping gear to start out with so we gifted each all of the little we needed like headlamps, walkie talkies, and a camp stove. Here are some of the coolest outdoor gifts that I’ve either given my husband (or he’s given me) or I want to give him. Some of the items may seem pricey so do what I did and wait for a sale.

  • Tiny Boom Box 1 of 11
    You can carry this around and not hurt your shoulder. The iMainGoX speakers work with iPhone, iPodTouch, and MP3s. My iPhone fits in nicely in the case and the plastic on the back allows you to change songs without having to take it out of the case. Great for camping or the beach.
  • GoPro Camera 2 of 11
    Every adventurer needs a GoPro Camera. A lot of extreme adventurers use it take pictures and shoot video, but it also works (when strapped to you) for bike rides, hikes, and ziplining. Check out what GoPro can do at the END of this video
  • Camp Loveseat 3 of 11
    Kelty makes this comfortable camp chair for two that is great for snuggling up on cold nights. It folds up relatively small and comes with a carrying case. The best feature is the bottle opener attached to not one, but both sides.
  • Every Dad (and kid) Needs a Hammock 4 of 11
    The ENO Single Next Hammock is perfect on camping trips or in the backyard. Super comfortable and easy to put up.
  • Hand Crank Radio 5 of 11
    We live in Los Angeles so the eton FRX1 hand crank radio fits nicely in our earthquake kit and our tent. It's small and cute, too.
  • More Than a Flashlight 6 of 11
    The Gorilla Torch handle wraps around objects so you no longer need to ask anyone to hold your flashlight.
  • Hiking Shorts 7 of 11
    The Kuhl Ambush Cargo Shorts are stylish for hiking, camping, or going out to lunch. Lots of pockets so very functional.
  • Coleman Lantern 8 of 11
    It may be old school but the Coleman propane lantern is tried and true. If you don't want to bother with propane, the Coleman Classic Family Lantern works with LED lights.
  • Store Your Water and Your Stuff 9 of 11
    This Camelback M.U.L.E. NV® carries 100 ounces of water, your gear, and has a built in rain shield plus a special compartment for your smart phone. It's pricey but you'll never need another pack.
  • Black Diamond Headlamp 10 of 11
    The Gizmo Headlamp is a simple inexpensive headlamp that will help you find the bathroom at the campsite or work on the car. Added bonus is that it looks cool.
  • Garmin Forerunner 11 of 11
    Friends got me the older version of the Garmin Forerunner for my birthday a few years ago and it's one of my favorite gadgets. It tracks time, distance, calories burned, and personal records.


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