My 5 favorite household uses for Mason jars

You might be asking yourself how in the world we even got Mason jars to the middle of Africa in the first place. Well, we got them here because I love them THAT much. If you live abroad you know what I mean. There is only so much suitcase space and every ounce of it is allocated with care. We packed them in our suitcases (wrapped in t-shirts and stuffed with M&Ms) hoping for little to no breakage along the way.

By the way, it’s a classic sign that an expat is near if you ever hear someone say, “Oh sure, we can fit that… we’ll just stuff underwear inside it, ziplock it, and then wrap it up in my blue dress! It will be fine.” Yep, if you hear that kind of talk you have just witnessed an expat in action. We are an ingenious crowd when it comes to packing!

Back to the Mason jars. We use them all over our house for just about everything. Here’s my favorite 5 household uses for Mason jars…

  • Mason jars, oh how we love them! 1 of 7
    Mason jars, oh how we love them!
    We use Mason/Ball jars for everything under the sun!
  • Storing Treasures 2 of 7
    Storing Treasures
    These are "treasures" we have collected from special trips and from our other "homes" around the globe. We usually keep the lids sealed and whenever we are homesick for the place, we open the lid and smell the scent of beach or forest or lake. It's great.
  • Dispensers 3 of 7
    My office is full of Mason Jars organized as dispensers for the products I need most.
  • Lovely Lights 4 of 7
    Lovely Lights
    We love the look of lights in these glass jars. Fill jars with water and float tea lights on the surface. Or, place "fairy lights" inside jars.
  • Photo Display 5 of 7
    Photo Display
    This is an inexpensive and great way to display your family photos. Simply pop the photo in the jar and screw on the lid to keep out dust.
  • Keep Hydrated 6 of 7
    Keep Hydrated
    We use jars as drinking glasses in our house. Partially because we broke all our other glasses, but also because they come in so many great sizes and shapes and you can pick the one that best suits your mood.
  • Planters 7 of 7
    We keep succulent plants in glass jars. They look great and grow really well. Succulents don't need much drainage, just be sure not to overwater them.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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