5 Free Ebooks You’ll Love

My Kindle has changed my life. No longer do I need to tote 10 books with me on a week-long vacation (I read 200 books a year, so I have high needs). Furthermore, I have constant access to the newest books that exist — no bookstores needed.

But one of the best parts of owning a Kindle has been the joy of discovering free Kindle ebooks. I download them frequently, and often find myself finding out about new authors, becoming interested in new genres, and even getting hooked on a new series. Here are a few great Kindle books that are free today. (Prices on Kindle can change at any time, so before you download make sure it really is free!)

  • Not Like My Mother 1 of 5
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    Not Like My Mother: Becoming a Sane Parent After Growing Up Crazy is a tactical memoir hoping to show you exactly what you need to worry about - and what you don't - when trying to raise your children differently than you were raised.  

  • Center of the Universe 2 of 5
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    Center of the Universe: A Look at Life from the Lighter Side is a book made up of 93 separate stories, all sharing humorous and poignant moments in the life of one US pastor. 

  • Walk in Darkness 3 of 5
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    If you can't tell by the cover, Walk in Darkness: A Thriller, is, well, a thriller. Read about butchery and death at your own risk!

  • No Easy Hope 4 of 5
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    No Easy Hope: Surviving the Dead is Part 1 of a series, and promises to follow the stories of several individuals whose lives unravel when the world comes to an end -- or, the end as we know it. 

  • The Leopard Tree 5 of 5
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    The Leopard Tree, winner of the 2008 Best Young Adult Fiction Award at the Writer's Digest International Self-published Competition, and 2008 third place winner in the Fiction Division of Colorado Independent Publisher's Awards, tells the hopeful story of three Kenyan orphans who stow away on a plane in order to share a message of hope with the world. Tackling important topics like HIV/AIDS, malaria, and poverty, this book aims to give a new perspective on a pandemic of orphanhood in Africa. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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