5 Gifts Your Computer Needs

Paper, pencils, erasers — back to school shopping is always the same. Or is it?

Every fall I seem to drop a mortgage payment attending to the list for my daughter’s school year. She’ll be entering her Junior year of high school, and yet her school supply needs resemble those things used in lower school: looseleaf paper, folders, notebooks, pens. This fact is only interesting when held in the opposing light of my own situation: I’m a writer with no paper.

Although the classroom is still very much focused on the stationary store supplies the industrious founding fathers dreamed would one day be invented, the fact is most of our children utilize a computer and printer for the majority of their homework.

So when your office supply megastore cart is overflowing with those objects whose outlay is the equivalent of an extravagant night in New York City, don’t forget to purchase a few things for the real workhorse in your child’s life: the computer.

The following is a list of 5 gifts your computer needs today!

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  • iPad Cover and Stand 2 of 6

    This cover and stand not only protects your iPad investment, but transforms it into a handy monitor for all homework needs especially when paired with a wireless keyboard. $19.95 Available here.

  • Wireless Keyboard 3 of 6

    Wireless keyboards allow for more flexibility at homework time, and transform any laptop into a proper work station. Prices range. Image shown is a wireless touch keyboard, $26.99 Available here.

  • Computer Mouse and Camera in One 4 of 6

    Switching between mouse and camera mode with a slide of the lens cover, this two for one computer accessory also provides photo editing tools and easily uploads to social media sites. $39.99 Available here.

  • Laptop Lap Desk 5 of 6

    This clever accessory accommodates a laptop up to 16", and includes microbead pads for lap comfort and trays for organization while working. Available in a range of colors. $14.99 Available here. 

  • Computer Cleaning Wipes 6 of 6

    Your computer's health depends on routine upkeep, including care of the screen and keyboard. These wipes remove everything from dust through oil and leave your computer streak free. 40/per box, $13.89 Available here.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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