5 Great Family Xbox 360 + Kinect Games



  • Kinect Adventures 1 of 5
    Kinect Adventures
    This game is our overall favorite. The entire family can play including the little ones. The obstacle courses are our favorite! (did I mention it's good exercise too?) $29.99
  • National Geographic America The Wild 2 of 5
    National Geographic America The Wild
    If you love the Nat Geo channel on TV, you'll love this interactive way for the kids to explore the wild. $29.99
  • Dance Central Series 3 of 5
    Dance Central Series
    All of the Dance Central games rock. I'm the worst dancer on the planet but I'm slowly picking up some moves! $49.99
  • Kinect Sports Season 1 and 2 4 of 5
    Kinect Sports Season 1 and 2
    This game has almost every sport you can think of. The first time my daughter played it she had a melt down because she it's teaching good sportsmanship too......a very valuable life lesson. $49.99
  • Your Shape 5 of 5
    Your Shape
    A fun way to exercise in your living room! My husband loves the push up and sit up portions and my daughter and I love the dance classes. $29.99

Here’s my daughter playing Kinect Adventures….you’ll burn calories just watching her:

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