7 Life Lessons from Sage Kotsenburg

The Winter Games have yet to get more amusing than watching Sage Kotsenburg in action. My 9-year-old was especially amazed by his feat of chewing gum during his gold-medal slopeside run. I’m not advocating that, but we could all take a few lessons from the Sage School of Life.

  • More enthusiasm, less Kardashian. 1 of 7

    In a world in which people worship cooler-than-thou celebs and media peeps, Kotsenburg's unbridled enthusiasm and genuine giddiness shines through. How much did we all love his awe-filled tweets? Said sports columnist Bill Plaschke, "Sage Kotsenburg is why we still watch the Olympics, why they still matter, why they still charm." 


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  • Practice makes perfect, but being gutsy rules. 2 of 7

    "I never really think about my runs — I had no clue what I was going to do even the day of the semis and finals," Kotsenburg told the Today show.


    Ten minutes before his win, Kotsenburg called his brother, Blaze, who was watching the games back home in Salt Lake City. Should he try a trick he'd never before done? "Dude, you're at the Olympics, what do you have to lose?" said his bro, per the L.A. Times.


    Meticulously choreographed ice-skating routines are beautiful to watch; slalom skiing, amazing. But seeing an athlete whip a Backside 1620 Japan out of thin air — 4 & 1/2 rotations, board grabbed and flexed behind his back — knocks the breath right out of you. Kotsenburg will be remembered not just for his prowess but because he had the guts to do something nobody had ever seen before ... including himself.


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  • Give mad props. 3 of 7

    Winning makes you look good. Winning and doling out kudos makes you look even better, as Dude did on Instagram: "So this happened today ... Haha! Craziest day of my life for sure and to share it with two kids that I thought put down some of THE SICKEST runs I have ever seen were right there with me @stalesandbech and @markmcmorris, not to mention all the other bosses that put down the heaviest runs to go down on a slope course. Thanks for all the support everyone you RULE ... Now LET'S GO RIDE SOME POW!!!"


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  • It’s all about the snacks. 4 of 7

    Onion rings: the food of champions.


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  • You always get points for style. 5 of 7

    Other snowboarders had skills, for sure. But Kotsenburg will go down in history (literally and figuratively) for adding his special touch to runs. Said silver medalist StÃ¥le Sandbech of Norway, "Sage was out there doing all these creative grabs, with a big smile ... It's cool. We get the creativity back in snowboarding. The judges said it's not just about triple flips and triple corks all the time."


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  • Be YOU. 6 of 7

    Whether Kotsenburg was clambering around a structure of the famed game rings or telling reporters how "stoked" he was about all things "gnarly," he was Sage Kotsenburg — and people loved him all the more for it. 


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  • Life’s too short to take anything too seriously. 7 of 7

    Even a gold medal.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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