5 Most Talked About Moms in 2011

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It’s that time of year when lists are all the rage — who was the best, the worst, the most controversial?

Year-end lists always make for good discussion starters, whether we agree with them or not.  Of course, there are some good lists right here at Babble, but often women in general, and mothers in particular, are overlooked unless women are the ones compiling them. Lists are a way of measuring certain accomplishments and influence.

So this list-mania got me thinking that maybe we needed just one more  — a list about which moms we were talking about most in 2011.  Which mothers gave us the juiciest material for outrage or the meatiest food for thought?  Of course, there are plenty and it was hard to narrow it down to five, but here are my nominations for Most Talked About Moms in 2011!

Who would you add to the list?

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    Most Talked About Moms
    Amy Chua, the "Tiger Mother." Chua ignited the latest skirmish in the mommy wars with her book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, in which she described her extreme parenting methods, including making her toddler stand out in below-freezing temperatures until she agreed to her mother's multi-hour piano practicing demands. Image (CC) Larry D. Moore
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    Most Talked About Moms
    Betty Ford, Former First Lady. Ford, who passed away in 2011, was known more for her trailblazing efforts to make make breast cancer a topic that women, and society, could talk about openly, than merely for her role as the wife of a president. She also founded The Betty Ford Center for substance abuse treatment, after revealing her own addiction issues with pain killers and alcohol.
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    Most Talked About Moms
    Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader. Former Speaker of the House Pelosi led the charge for creating comfortable nursing suites on Capitol Hill, sometimes referred to as "boob cubes." Until Pelosi spearheaded the effort to make comfortable spaces for breastfeeding members of Congress, women were forced to nurse their babies in makeshift spaces.
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    Most Talked About Moms
    Natalie Portman, Oscar Winner. When a very-pregnant Portman accepted her Oscar earlier this year for her role in the movie Black Swan, she set off a controversy by stating that her impending role as a mother would be her most important one.
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    Most Talked About Moms
    Michele Bachmann, Presidential Candidate. Minnesota Congresswoman Bachmann became the first viable woman GOP presidential candidate when she won the Iowa Straw Poll in August. As she participated in the GOP debates in the fall of 2011, she made a name for herself as a conservative candidate ready to take on the male establishment.

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