5 Movies to Make Dads Cry

What’s that? You really want to have a good cry with your baby daddy or force open the waterworks with Dad?

Well, who doesn’t? Alright, let me help you. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite films for a good cry over or with, Dear Old Dad.

These aren’t in any order, but they all exact a level of total emotional tyranny that men, normally keep composed and unemotional, will let go and explode in salt water after watching them. I mean I never cry, so this is more for you than me, but I digress.

So, if you decide to set fire to the rain in your eyeballs or whatever, then, this is for you. Let’s party…

Warning: Don’t watch these without supervision by children or stuffed animals

  • 1. My Life 1 of 6
    1. My Life
    Sometimes, I wished Michael Keaton was my father, especially when he played Batman. That would've been awesome. Where did he get those wonderful toys? Because I want them for Christmas. Many thought this film was too goofy and not hard-hitting enough. Some thought it was sophomoric. I defy you to put yourself in Keaton's shoes in this role, deal with a terminal illness, film yourself for your unborn son and not lose your mind as a dad. Image courtesy of
  • 2. Field of Dreams 2 of 6
    2. Field of Dreams
    The only movie that my brother and I will literally sit and watch (together or by ourselves) whenever it's on, and gush salt water out of our eyes. When Costner gets to play baseball with his dad, forget it. That's it. I'm gonna hit myself in the head with bat. Image courtesy of
  • 3. Life is Beautiful 3 of 6
    3. Life is Beautiful
    I'm not going to go into this one too much or I will, in fact, start crying on my keyboard and drown myself in the tears. Watch it. You know the cliche: 'you'll laugh, you'll cry' was carved into stone by this movie. Roberto Begnini is a comedic genius and speed bags your heartstrings until they sound like a harp. Image courtesy of
  • 4. In the Name of the Father 4 of 6
    4. In the Name of the Father
    Being of Irish descent, this one hits particularly close to home. Set in Ireland during a frightful time of unrest between Northern Ireland and the English, a man and his father are imprisoned together, blamed for planning and executing a bombing for the IRA. Tragedy befalls the man's father while in prison. Daniel Day Lewis is an acting wizard and Pete Postelwaite (who plays Day Lewis' father keeps pace, if not simply out-distancing him). It also features a kick-ass soundtrack with U2 and Gavin Friday, among others. Image courtesy of
  • 5. Life as a House 5 of 6
    5. Life as a House
    If you can get past Hayden Christensen's emo, cut-myself-to-feel, overwrought performance, this movie will screw with your mind and make you hug your dad, like I did, in the effing theater. We held and cried together, in my dad's arms in the goddamn theater. And yes, I was over 20 years old at the time. It was like a hooker telling a John she really loves him. NEVER HAPPENS. Unfortunately for me, my father ended up getting cancer and fighting it, much like the lead of the movie played by Kevin Kline, by living as best he could. Unlike the character in the film though, who built a house with his bare hands, my father constructed his own final gift to us children: he racked up all of his credit cards to their limits and gave us gifts. The debt never settled on anyone's shoulders and just became a loss on their books. Beat that Kevin Kline! Image courtesy of
  • BONUS ROUND: The Shining 6 of 6
    BONUS ROUND: The Shining
    He was just trying to have a nice family vacation, guys. It so sweet of him to find that amazing hotel and he worked so hard to make them happy. Watch the trailer again, and tell me he doesn't love his family: The Shining Recut Image courtesy of

Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments which ones you would add.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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