5 Must-See Concert Tours This Winter (With or Without Your Kids)

The weather may be getting colder, but this winter is practically ON-FIYAH with grand world concert tours from some of your — and your kid’s — favorite music acts.

So whether you’re looking for that special something to take date night to the Next Level, or a truly spectacular concert to take your tween daughter to (thereby becoming the Best Mom EVAR), Citibank’s Private Pass has the shows you’re looking for — the best concert tours going, all winter long.

Let’s review our options, shall we?

  • Madonna 1 of 5
    The Material Girl is back on the road again, bringing several decades of glorious hits with her. And whether you're 5 years old or 55, you have a soft spot for Madonna, admit it. So here's your chance to finally see pop music's High Priestess in concert - "Boy Toy" belt buckle optional!

  • Lady Gaga 2 of 5
    Lady Gaga
    The glamour and fantastic spectacle of Lady Gaga is hard to resist, and why should you, really? Expect incredible costumes, elaborate dance numbers, and a good dose of Gaga surrealist weirdness - and I mean that in the best way possible, of course. (This one might be PG-13-rated due to sexual content, and not suitable for the younger kids, do note).

  • Maroon 5 3 of 5
    Maroon 5
    My daughter recently discovered Maroon 5, and immediately fell in love with their insanely catchy, danceable pop deliciousness. All I can say is, THANK THE LORD, because I was getting tired of hiding all my M5 cds and saying "Adam WHO?" (*blush*) So here's to not having to hide my love away anymore, and to embracing the booty-shake-worthy fabulousness of Maroon 5's pristine, perfect pop.

  • Pink 4 of 5
    A riot grrrl in pop star clothing, Pink is a perfect choice for a girl's night out with your favorite tween, or for a high-energy, fist-pumping date with your favorite man. Just try to pretend that Pink's "So What?" doesn't bring out the strong, defiant, bada$$ lady in you and make you feel like you could take over the world, I dare you. No, wait - DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU.

  • Rihanna 5 of 5
    Sexy, sassy, and equipped with pipes that'll make your mama cry, Rihanna is a modern songstress like no other. Let's just say that if it were possible to wear out an MP3, my copy of "Umbrella" would be dust by now. I think you feel me. Here's a little of what you can expect from her in concert early 2013 (advanced tickets onsale now!):

What concerts are YOU hoping to catch this winter (with or without kidlets in tow), hmm? And if you had to pick just one of these five awesome shows to see, which would it be?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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