5 Paint Ideas For The Teen Bedroom

young-room You are looking at a photo of my daughter’s bedroom when she was in Elementary school. Back then, I had an interior design business, and determined through experience the quickest, most cost-effective way to create a cool kid habitat was through paint.

In this case, I sponged a pale lemon over a warm orange, which sounds like a recipe and not a paint technique. I then painted birdhouses and hung them throughout her room, tangled with fake vines and fake birds because someday my daughter will need something to blame when lying on a therapist’s couch recounting her childhood.


A few years later we agreed her room needed updating. Once again, I turned to paint, this time creating stripes utilizing her two favorite colors. I┬ápainted and painted throughout a very long weekend surrounded by rulers, blue tape, and a level — because someday I will need something to blame when lying on a therapist’s couch recounting my daughter’s childhood.


A handful of years later, I separated from my husband, in the event paint isn’t fodder enough for the therapist. As a result, a new teen bedroom required decorating in the apartment my daughter and I share two blocks away from her (still) striped room.

This time I let my daughter design and paint the room. She decided on a deep purple to ground her white platform bed, and she freehanded a tree limb design, which she imagined strung with actual white lights — except we couldn’t figure out where to plug in those lights because we are two husbandless girls in an apartment and electricity is hard.


Lately talk has returned to my daughter’s striped bedroom in the family house, which falls short in closet and storage space. With an impending update to that room, we are suddenly back to the drawing board regarding paint.

The following slideshow features five of the most inspirational paint ideas I found when trolling the web.

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  • Think graphically! 2 of 6
    Think graphically!
    Combine bold blocks of colors utilizing shapes
  • Keep it simple! 3 of 6
    Keep it simple!
    Two-tone walls provide an uncluttered backdrop
  • Repeat a pattern! 4 of 6
    Repeat a pattern!
    Pick up an existing pattern from the bedding or other room element and repeat on the walls
  • Show humor! 5 of 6
    Show humor!
    Paint a headboard on the wall. In this case bolder is better
  • Be creative! 6 of 6
    Be creative!
    By using chalkboard paint as a bakdrop, you can change the design of your headboard at will! Who has more fun than us teenagers?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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