5 Perfect Gifts for an About to be Five-Year-Old Girl

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My daughter Sadie is turning five at the end of this month. It’s hard to believe it -especially hard to believe since she still weighs 29 pounds and is the same size as a lot of two-year-olds (but that’s a completely different post) (I don’t want to get in to it) (let it go) (I’m talking to myself now). Anyway, her taste in toys is that of an almost five-year-old and that’s what counts. The kid is as girlie girl as her twin sister is tom boy and I have made a gift list that reflects her taste. Keep in mind that Sadie also has an almost eight-year-old sister so some of the things she wants are because Elby either wants them, has had them or has mentioned them in passing and now Sadie can’t get them out of her head. But the things I’ve bought (or am about to buy) are things that I know she will love.So if you have a five-year-old or about to be five-year-old or you know one who needs a gift, I hope you find this useful.

  • Baby Wanna Walk 1 of 5
    Baby Wanna Walk
    First off, I had a Baby Alive when I was a kid. I, of course, still remember well how fun it was to watch her pee, drink a bottle etc. I also bought Elby a Baby Alive (the one that eats) and she still loves it. But I thought it would be fun for Sadie to have a different one and this is so cute. It walks on its own and let's you help her. What could be sweeter then watching your doll take her first steps? I'm only halfway joking. I really got this doll and Sadie is going to lose her sh*t over it!
  • Monster High 2 of 5
    Monster High
    Elby has Draculaura so Sadie is getting this one: Is she dressed for a burlesque show? Possibly. But at least there's a monster theme as opposed to the Bratz who just seem to have a Juvederm theme. Sadie already has a Monster High lunchbox which she loves. I don't know if all five-year-olds dig Monster High but if they have an older sis they probably do.
  • Lalaloopsy 3 of 5
    Which brings me to my third suggestion: Lalaloopsy: The Lalaloopsy dolls have a big place in our house. But I am here to give you a seriously fabulous tip: No matter which Lalaloopsy doll you get (and there are a ton to choose from this one happens to be on sale at Target though, you can buy them more clothes from eBay. Seriously! Go on eBay and you will find that people actually hand sew clothes for these dolls or you can buy clothes made for them by machine as well. But it's really cute to let your kids look at the clothes online and choose a new outfit for their doll for super cheap!
  • Barbie Fashionista 4 of 5
    Barbie Fashionista
    If your almost five-year-old is anything like mine, she has a lot of Barbies. Some are soaking in the tub right now as we speak. Some are buried in the backyard for reasons I can't explain unless I'm forced to in a court of law. And others are neatly in bins in our playroom (only a few). The point is, we have Barbies. And now, we will have clothes and accessories in a closet that will rival any of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (except of course, Lisa).
  • Bop It Smash 5 of 5
    Bop It Smash
    .Behold the Bop It Smash: We have the Bop It in a few different versions but I like this one because it reminds me so much of a Shake Weight. So while my kids are enjoying their time engaging and improving their hand eye coordination, I will be smirking quietly in the corner. Win/win my friends.

A big thanks to Target for sponsoring this campaign (even though I would have done a post like this anyway!). Click here to see more of the discussion.

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