10 Products That Make Cleaning Up More Fun

When was the last time your kids came to you and said “Mommy, let’s clean my room!”? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Let’s face it, most of us don’t exactly relish clean-up time. So while I’m pretty back-to-basics when it comes to cleaning supplies (baking soda and vinegar do most of the heavy lifting around here) I admit that there are some products that just make the whole process easier and more fun for parents and kids alike.

Here are a few I’ve been eyeballing:

  • Cupcake Sponge 1 of 10
    Cupcake Sponge
    This sponge is so adorable, the kids will fight over who gets to scrub the sink. Other varieties include pie, cupcake and layer cake. About $4, Tango Home.
  • ToyDozer 2 of 10
    If your carpet is constantly covered with hundreds of tiny Lego or piles of blocks, you need a Toydozer to scoop 'em up. The company sent me one to try out and before I even had it all the way out of the box, the kids were begging me to let them clean up. Suckers! $18.99,
  • Vintage-Inspired Apron 3 of 10
    Vintage-Inspired Apron
    I don't want to BE a 50's housewife; I just want to dress like one. Aprons are practical and make cleaning up a bit more stylish. But I draw the line at wearing heels while I vacuum. $21.75,
  • Sorting Clothes Hamper 4 of 10
    Sorting Clothes Hamper
    For the kid (or spouse) who needs visual cues, this double hamper shows them where to put whites and colors. $49.95, One Step Ahead
  • Ostrich Feather Duster 5 of 10
    Ostrich Feather Duster
    Sure, a microfiber cloth will get the job done, but there's something so novel and retro about busting out an actual feather duster. $10.99, The Container Store.
  • Striped Plunger 6 of 10
    Striped Plunger
    With five kids, I spend a lot of time plunging the toilet. This candy-striped plunger might not make the job easier, but at least it'll be somewhat prettier. $20, Alice Supply Company.
  • Dollhouse Bookcase 7 of 10
    Dollhouse Bookcase
    When your bookcase is shaped like a fairy-tale dollhouse, putting things away just feels like playing. $399, Pottery Barn.
  • Slipper Genie 8 of 10
    Slipper Genie
    It wasn't until I found the blogosphere that I realized I wasn't the only mom who puts damp towels on the floor and "walks" them around to mop. Microfiber slippers make this process even easier. About $10,
  • KUSINER Number Bins 9 of 10
    KUSINER Number Bins
    Little kids aren't world-weary enough to understand that tossing the blocks into "red 1" and cars into "blue 2" isn't actually a game. Meanwhile, Mom can lounge on the sofa flipping through a magazine while providing verbal direction. Warning: Maximum effective age for this strategy is about 4. $6.99, IKEA.
  • Shark Steamer 10 of 10
    Shark Steamer
    I've always wanted to be a dancer, but never took lessons as a kid. As it turns out, a Shark Steamer may be all I need to turn boring mopping sessions into Broadway-caliber performances! It doesn't really work that way, you say? Oh well, I want one anyway. $99 and up,

Have you discovered any gadgets or gizmos that make tidying up a good time?

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