5 Simple Steps for Starting Your Own Edible Garden!

I’ve always believed that getting kids in closer contact with where their food comes from is essential to them developing good eating habits. With all the time I spend in the kitchen, building my own edible garden just seemed like a logical step. A few years ago I started my own edible garden with the help of my personal garden guru. It is planting season for many people, so here are my 5 simple steps for starting your own edible garden. I foresee many vegetable frittatas, fresh basil pesto, and fruit salads in your homegrown future! I would love to hear all about your own garden! What do you grow? What is your favorite garden recipe?

  • Map Out Your Space! 1 of 5

    Edible Garden, Step One: figure out where your garden will be.

    Will you be using large pots? Digging up soil around your home and replacing it? Using risers? Whichever way you go, you first need a plan. So write down your dream idea for your garden and gather the necessary ingredients.

  • Prepare Your Soil! 2 of 5

    Edible Garden, Step Two: Prepare Your Soil.

    80% of the success in growing healthy, delicious plants starts with the soil you plant them in. If you're going to take the time to build your own edible garden, it's a wise investment to buy the best quality organic soil and compost you can find. You will likely offset the extra cost with the size and quality of your yield and thus have less produce to buy at the supermarket to supplement what you grow.

  • Ladybugs! 3 of 5

    Edible Garden, Step Three: Ladybugs!

    They're more than just a pretty adornment. Read on to also learn about Fish Emulsion and tips for planting seedlings! 

  • Worms! 4 of 5

    Edible Garden, Step Four: Long, thin, slimy one. Short, fat, juicy ones ... What your garden needs is some worms!

  • Patience! 5 of 5

    Edible Garden, Step Five: Patience! Possibly the most difficult part of the process. Sit back, relax, and be patient! Your herbs, fruits, and vegetables will take some time to grown, but keep on watering them and you'll soon be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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