5 Simple Ways to Start Enjoying the Summer Right Now

Don’t let the summer slip away before you’ve gotten a chance to enjoy it! No one needs more stress in their lives, especially in the summer time. Summer should be about BBQ’s and block parties. It’s about hearing the joy of children laughing throughout the neighborhood way past their bedtime. And it’s about friendship, friends finally coming together after declaring all winter long that, “We have to have you over for dinner.” It is time to make it happen. Don’t wait. As my dad always says, “Life’s a party, only most damn fools don’t know they’re invited.”

So here are 5 simple ways to enjoy the summer before it’s gone:

Host a Spontaneous Get-Together.

If the idea of having a big party is too daunting, stress no more. This is simply a spontaneous get-together. That means, ask people to stop by after dinner for a drink. The kids are fed so no need to worry about corralling them for food. Serve them popsicles and after that, let them run. For the adults, encourage a BYOB and have extras on-hand and on ice. Set out a few appetizers or maybe casually mention, “bring whatever’s in your fridge or nothing at all.” Grab some cheese and crackers, chips and salsa and let the party begin.


Go on a Picnic.

My kids LIVE for this. They think it is such a special night when we eat out on a blanket. And it’s easy! In our town, we have SO many outdoor concerts … so check out yours. It doesn’t have to be fancy at all. If there isn’t an outdoor music option, find a park or just your own backyard. I usually pack a roasted chicken, some potato salad/pasta salad, cheese and crackers and a roller cooler with beverages. When the meal is done and you have a chance to lay back on the blanket and see the first star of the night, you know that your summer has officially arrived.


Take a Bike Ride into Town.

Nothing says summertime like hopping on your bike.  We do this, but not often enough. You could cruise into town for dinner or just for some dessert. And if “town” is too far, make it an evening adventure around the neighborhood. With the streets lit up by the setting sun until 9pm, don’t waste the daylight at your computer or in front of the TV, now is the time. The wind on your face actually makes you feel like a kid again, it is the fountain of youth!

Take the Party to the Park.

If the thought of hosting a party at your house gives you the hives, take the party elsewhere. Nobody needs to break the bank and rent out a restaurant. Go to a park or a lake … use the resources at your fingertips. My friends do this often. Meet us at the “Leech Lake” (that’s our nickname for it). It is a full BYO everything situation. And, you would be surprised how many people want to get out, drink a cold one, grill up something yummy, and enjoy the summer together. The kids run around and the adults get to catch up on life. But be prepared to play. This is the time to bust out the baseball bats and gloves, frisbees, footballs, cornholes and anything else that has been collecting dust in your garage! You will leave that party feeling like the entire summer was a success. So, choose a spot, send the email, and enjoy.


Spend a Day at the Pool

Nothing says “summertime,” to this California girl, like the swimming pool! We used to have many a party around the awesome chlorinated body of water. I remember my parents grabbing the family meal at KFC and literally pulling me out of the water to come eat. It was summer perfection. Sadly these days we don’t have a ton of pools in Park City, Utah but we have enough — and unfortunately a lot of pools don’t allow food on the pool deck anymore. But you can still have fun by bringing whatever toys you have or buying some cheap ones at the Dollar Store! The only other items you need are sunblock, a swim suit, towel and your best ever cannonball!

We have all been there.  August rolls around and you wake up one morning wondering where the summer went. It flew by with SO much left to do. Now is the time. Enjoy your family, your time and the extra sunlight now. I am writing this as much for me as for everyone else. My philosophy? Once you write it down you are more likely to do it. So, here’s hoping!

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