5 Super Cool Helmets For Kids

Have you seen the video of the skateboarding Australian toddler in a diaper? According to ITN News, two-year-old Kahlei Stone-Kelly hails from a family of skaters and has been practicing his skills since he was six months old. Wow — and yikes! As cute and awesome as this kid’s moves are (did you see him take that curb?), I admit, I wish he was wearing a helmet — and pants, shoes, and a shirt for that matter. So I thought I’d help him out and round up some of my favorite kid-sized helmets that are as cool as he is.

Note helmets are specific to use (skateboarding, biking, etc.) and sizing is important too, so be sure to check out the specifications on the retailer’s page. Sorry, it’s official, I’m a worry wart! What do you guys think? Am I an overly cautious mom — or was safety the first thing that came to mind when you saw this incredible video too?

  • Bell Fraction Paul Frank Helmet 1 of 5

    Little ones can hang out with the big kids — and be safe — in this awesome Paul Frank designed helmet from Bell.
    Available for $39.99 from


  • Nutcase Ladybug Helmet 2 of 5

    It's not necessary to look bad to the bone when skateboarding or biking. Little ones can keep it sweet with this Buggins helmet.
    Available for $60 from Nutcase Helmets


  • First One Kids Striped Hat Cover & Helmet 3 of 5

    Some kids don't want to go all sporty when practicing their moves. They want to keep it stylish. Well, now they can with this super cute striped hat cover and helmet. Love it!
    Available for $94 from the Finnish Design Shop

  • Kiddimoto Classic Target Helmet 4 of 5

    These Kiddimoto helmets are based on popular BMX looks, and the bullseye is a tribute to retro British design.
    Available for $39.99 from Kiddimoto


  • Princess Helmet By EGG 5 of 5

    These fully customizable helmets from the Dutch company EGG are super cool. First you pick a helmet and a skin, then a choose from their add ons such as princess, mohawk, and horns. The helmets are built to be comfortable and stylish. That's something all kids and parents can get into.
    Helmet, skin, and add on are available for about $100 from EGG

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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