5 Things Every Mom Needs in the Car

I joked just yesterday that the next time I’m pulled over for speeding, the officer will take one look at my immaculately organized glove compartment and realize he’s dealing with a completely neurotic mother-of-a-newborn. And although I’ve certainly gone overboard with baby-proofing the contents of my car (really, my daughter is only 8 weeks and definitely doesn’t need a secret Goldfish cracker stash yet), there are five items I firmly believe every mom needs in her car at all times:

1. Wipes
I’m the sort of person that has kept a package of Wet Wipes in her car far before she became a mother. Whether you’re in need of a quick hand-sanitizing session for the kids or you’ve spilled coffee down your new shirt, pre-packaged wipes are an angel sent from heaven.

2. First-Aid Kit
Our first-aid kit contains the basics: Band-aids, wrap bandages, gauze, basic pain-relieving medications and antibacterial wipes (plus a plastic bag for clean-up!). Again, I’ve kept one in my car for years and I can’t tell you how often it’s come in handy on the most unexpected occasions (i.e. that wedding we attended where a bridesmaid broke two toes an hour before the ceremony!).

3. A Coin Purse
Full of coins, of course. Whether you need to feed the meter or bribe a misbehaving kid with the promise of a vending machine toy (hey, no judgment here!), spare change is a must for every car. Keep it stashed in the car to avoid the extra weight in your diaper bag or purse.

4. Tunes
If you’re toting around a baby, a CD with lullabies or white noise might make the trip more soothing for him/her. Or if you’ve got a bored kid in the backseat, music is a great distraction to keep him/her occupied for the remainder of the ride. Of course, tunes are for mom, too, and are great for drowning out endless toddler babble and “Are we there yets?”.

5. Snacks
You never know when low blood sugar will turn your kid into a monster (although it’ll likely be when you’re stuck in traffic without relief in sight). Keep a stash of snacks on hand to prevent hunger meltdowns, such as granola bars, nuts, crackers or fruit strips. Bonus? You’ll save money and calories next time you can skip the fast food in lieu of a healthy snack.

What about you, friends? What do you keep in your car to help make your life simpler and safer for kids? I’d love to hear!


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