5 Things Every San Franciscan Has in Their Closet


San Francisco climate is bizarre! Summers are cold and foggy, fall is warm and sunny and there’s always the chance of a cool ocean wind even on the warmest day. After living here for 4 years I’ve noticed every San Franciscan has the same 5 things in their closet. Keep reading to see what they are (and, for those San Franciscans out there- do you agree?)


  • A Beanie 1 of 5
    A Beanie
    Every San Franciscan knows that the cool wind of the ocean can freeze your ears in 10 seconds flat, even on a warm 'summer' day'. A beanie is a much have in your purse when you find yourself in a wind tunnel any time of year.
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  • Bensimons 2 of 5
    You don't need super sturdy shoes like New Yorkers, but living in San Francisco does require a bit of walking-mostly to your parking spot a mile from the museum. A light pair of sneakers are the way to go.
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  • Canvas Bag 3 of 5
    Canvas Bag
    Starting this past fall, all stores in San Francisco are required to charge for bags so you'll never see a San Franciscan walking around without an extra canvas bag in their purse!
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  • Puffy Vest 4 of 5
    Puffy Vest
    It's a necessity. A warm sunny day can quickly take a turn for the worse when the fog and wind comes in from the ocean. You don't usually need a full coat but a little puffy vest is the perfect thing to grab when you're heading out the door, no matter how beautiful the day looks.
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  • Oversized Cardigan 5 of 5
    Oversized Cardigan
    You might not always need a puffy vest, but I never leave the house without at least a sweater, even when it's a autumn heat wave. Pick an oversized one, tight fitting cardigans do not belong in bay area fashion.
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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