5 Things Moving Taught Me About My Daughter

I spent last week packing up our house in Corpus Christi.

Packing up 6 1/2 years of life, clutter, family, memories, birthdays, Christmases — it’s a bit overwhelming, yet wonderful at the same time.

It was definitely a chance to get rid of things we don’t need by donating them, giving them away and putting them into a garage sale pile.

I thought that I’d be rather clever and pack up the kids rooms while they were in school, thereby allowing ME to be in control of what got packed where, what was to be donated and what just mysteriously disappeared into moving land.

What happened while I was packing my daughter’s room was a surprise to me.

moving boxes

I walked into my 9 year old daughter’s room and bit back a groan, the clutter and sheer amount of things in her room made me grit my teeth.

I turned on my heel, stalked out and grabbed another big trash bag sure that I was going to be filling those trash bags with ease.

As I opened drawers and excavated the nooks and crannies of my daughters room, I discovered something.

  • My daughter is a sentimental pack rat, just like me.  She saves every note and drawing that her friends, and even her little brother make for her.
  • My daughter is a dreamer and a writer, her notebooks are filled with detective tales, fairy tales and stories of magical lands
  • My daughter is an artist and sees the world through wonder filled, kaleidoscope eyes
  • My daughter is like squirrel storing nuts for the winter, little snacks and water bottles are stashed all throughout her room
  • She lives in organized chaos, just like I did when I was her age.

My daughter is far more me than I realized, and although I already knew she was a dreamer, a writer, an artist, a friend, a sweet soul, a pack rat… I rediscovered all those things by being amongst her treasures and her world for a while.  By cleaning and packing her room, I saw my daughter again… and I fell back in love and awe with the amazing young lady she is.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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